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  1. It's a great piece of kit. Very light and compact with a slim, satin neck that's dead easy to play. Lovely growl to the tone. The construction is first rate. The neck heel profile slopes inwards, if I remember right, and Jon fashioned a neck pocket that fits like a glove. I never got round to trying, but I always fancied it'd fit into a carry-on suitcase if you took the neck off. Trev
  2. The Shuker badge is on the rear edge behind the ABM tuners.
  3. +1 for Transferwise. I use it for work. Excellent.
  4. It is, indeed, an alder body. Love the shiny knobs!
  5. Hi. 'fraid not. I' ve re-discovered slap and this is a prize slapper 😬
  6. Swapped my Stingray for a BB2000. Great bass, excellent fella. Keep in touch, mate.
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