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  1. 👏👏👏 Congratulations Andy, well deserved, so say all of us.
  2. My favourite JJ Cale vid on YouTube, love this and that stacked knob Jazz is just too cool for school.
  3. Just read the specs on that Project phono stage and output voltage looks as low as the line level output from the turntable (200mV). I would take Dan Dare’s advice and contact a dealer for advice like Audio Affair.
  4. Yes, there’s a choice of line level or straight from the cartridge.
  5. I think the phono stage is built into his turntable and there isn’t one in the Denon hifi.
  6. That Project looks ideal. Spending more would be a waste I think.
  7. Yes, I see your issue. line level output from the turntable is only 240mV, a separate CD player would be outputting about 8 or 10 times that (2-2.5V) which is what your Denon would be expecting. You’d definitely be better off using a standalone phono preamp from Rega, NAD or Project would be my recommendation. It’s a Moving Magnet (MM) type you need, not moving coil (MC) or one that does both. There are plenty of cheaper ones on Amazon from around £20.
  8. Slightly off topic but doesn’t that rosewood look loverly! 🥰
  9. Just realised this is 30” scale - WANT!!!😍
  10. I had those pickups in a Westone Thunder and liked them, quiet with a balanced tone I thought. Would probably work well with an active preamp (mine were just wired passive).
  11. Battery isolation switch to turn the LEDs off, via a push-pull pot maybe?
  12. Totally awesome 👏👏👏👏👏
  13. I wonder who makes the plug-socket for the switch/pickup connection. Would be handy if they offered a right angled adapter.
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