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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Martin last week to sell some gear. He's a real genuine guy that I would have no probs dealing with in the future deal with total confidence. Kind Regards Chris
  2. to quote Jaco.. Jaco: "Rhythm is the whole deal" Jerry Jemmott: " Thankyou"
  3. [quote name='skej21' timestamp='1397166199' post='2421507'] Except for C# which has 7 #s and the flat version has 7 flats. That makes 14. [/quote] Hi Matt, I think you’ve misunderstood what Jim was saying here! .. You’ve double flattened C# to get Cb ..meaning you’ve moved a whole tone, not a semitone(1 flat) Thus adding 2 x 7 to get 14. If, as Jim says you flattern C# (7#) you get C (0) .. so answer is 7 Then if you flattern C (0) you get Cb (7b) so answer is still 7 Regards Chris
  4. [quote name='Bill Fitzmaurice' timestamp='1396272205' post='2411604'] I could go one better and post an RTA of 'The Wailers' in concert. The bass rig was an SVT, not that it matters, because you didn't hear the amp, you heard the PA. In this case it was a no-holds-barred million dollar plus system. The RTA shows uniform content from 50-125Hz, dropping below and above that. The level in that band width at the FOH where I took the RTA, 100 feet from the stage, averaged 106dB. It was that level that gave the impact, not the frequency. To the untrained ear, or even the trained one without a meter in hand, the assumption could have been made that most of the content was between 30 and 50Hz, but in reality it was an octave higher. [/quote] I’m not disputing that. the RTA post I would find very interesting. maybe one for another thread tho! But you’ve quoted me out of context of what I was saying. My remark was a little flippant to make my point that it would be no help to Dave‘s cause. which incidently was the end of the sentence you quoted and missed out.
  5. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1396247433' post='2411257'] but lows of any sort are not something I would have associated with Billy Sheehan. [/quote] Ok no worries . but I’m failing to see your point! It's all about context init. He has as much bottom as any other classic rocker I’ve seen. all be it with loads of mid/top aswell. I could have probably found and posted Reggae bassists who use 410/115 stacks who have lows that make your eyes go blurred but what help would that be to Dave? It seemed to make more sense to me with both of them playing classic rock .. No? Personally I feel if your gonna try help someone, it’s all about context of usage, or else we’re just playing top trumps. which many people do, but that is no use to anyone! It's the same when some asks what is the “best “ amp/cab/bass etc.. without context it is impossible to answer.
  6. [quote name='dmccombe7' timestamp='1396129338' post='2410316'] ok guys you've lost me a bit with the roll off and F3 Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Sorry if I'm a bit slow on the theory. [/quote] Sorry Dave, I didn’t mean to get into any theory. I just wanted to answer your question.. and say one was sealed and the other vented. To clear your confusion tho, the F3 (or cut off frequency) is the frequency which manufactures quote as been down -3db. So looking at the two Ampeg cabs in question, the sealed 410HE quotes -3db @60Hz. Below this point it roughly rolls off (gets quieter) at the rate of -12db/octave. The 410HLF quotes [email protected], so due to the port it has an extended bass response. but below this point it roughly rolls off at twice the rate @-24db/octave. I say “roughly” as these are often not exact, as slopes are dependant on cab alignments. but it gives you the idea between the sealed and vented cabs. Personally I love sealed enclosures. I‘ve found them to behave well in many situations. they tend to have great transient response so they’re well punchy. They’re also popular with many Classic Rock players. I know they’re not for everyone, but neither ported or sealed are “better” and both have advantages and disadvantages, it all boils down to what suits you! Hope this helps [quote name='dmccombe7' timestamp='1396129338' post='2410316'] It always seemed to work for me with bi-amping in past. [/quote] Oh yea .. Speaking of bi-amping (and I don’t wanna open a can of worms on bi-amping folks! ) and I’m neither for or against. But with you playing Classic Rock you maybe interested in the fact that Billy Sheehan uses two outputs from his bass, one to a sealed Hartke AK410 as his dedicated low, run off a Hartke LH amp. He feels it gives him the tight low end response he needs. and believe it or not he uses a vented AK115(1x15) as his mid/top run off a Hartke HA amp!. So contrary to popular belief of what should be done and weather it works in theory or not.. at the end of the day, what it really boils down to is personal preference, as that is all that matters. So your not alone in your belief Dave He's Billy talking about this.. starts at 2:20 mins on 1st vid and carry's on into the 2nd vid and even into a 3rd vid if your interested. http://youtu.be/Hk5GmMYZ1QI http://youtu.be/D7GczSGDUVg
  7. [quote name='doctorbass' timestamp='1396125457' post='2410276'] You're right. i use a 410HE and just wish it were 610...... [/quote] Thanks I thought it was.
  8. [quote name='Prime_BASS' timestamp='1396124622' post='2410262'] Something like that at least. The classic ampeg sound for me comes more from that giant wall of speakers in a sealed box. The steeper roll off on the lows helps make the bass to feel a bit more 'punchy' and other subjective adjectives. So IMO bi-amping the ampeg cabs is a bit of a waste. As was said by bill you'd be better looking for dedicated sub. [/quote] I was only pointing out that I beleive the HE is infinite baffle and the HLF is ported. But I will add that you are wrong if you believe the sealed box has a steeper roll off. It has an higher F3 but a shallower roll off! and the ported HLF has a lower F3 but a steeper roll off.
  9. [quote name='dmccombe7' timestamp='1396078887' post='2409644'] I'm thinking of going all Ampeg using an SVT4 Pro but not sure about the cabs. I'm looking at 4x10 and 1x15 using the amp x-over. Does anyone have actual hands on experience of the different cabs. [b]Is there much diff between the HLF series and the HE series.[/b] They have slightly different freq ranges certainly at lower end. Any recommendations ? Its a classic heavy rock covers band. (if that helps ?) Cheers Dave [/quote] I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong.. but I believe the SVT410HE is infinite baffle (basically half of the fridge). and the HLF is ported which has the extended lows.
  10. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1396116102' post='2410127'] You want this, so get in quick! [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/232931-fender-truss-rod-tools-only-1-left"]http://basschat.co.u...ols-only-1-left[/url] The tool should come with the bass, but they often get kept by the seller if they sell the bass on, as they're handy since it's rare to buy a used bass that comes with one (which is the definition of a vicious circle if I ever saw one!). [/quote] Thanks dannybuoy for posting the link. much appreciated [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1396119878' post='2410190'] The Fender special tools are simply ball end allen wrenches with a Fender branded handle, take a close look at tips of the tool at the bottom of the pic in the ad that dannybuoy linked. Ball end allen wrenches can be inserted at an angle and still function correctly. [/quote] +1 SubsonicSimpleton. yea this is correct they are 3/16ths ball ended tools so they work on an angle. To bisonkills: I live just off the A1/M1 link so not that far from you! .. if you want a no obligation demo of the fender tool you are more than welcome to come round.
  11. Tom bought a Fender Truss Rod tool from me. He's a great guy to deal with. highly recommended Thanks again Tom. All the best Chris
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