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  1. Fitting on International Women's Day. Jean Grae (formerly known as What What, when she did "The Blend" with Herbaliser). [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzK-fn9NaCE"]https://www.youtube....h?v=QzK-fn9NaCE[/url]
  2. Wil

    G&L tribute SB-2

    I've got one and it's brilliant. Very comfy to play - slim neck which I actually very much like despite being a P bass man, and my previous Jazz giving me hand cramps. Sounds powerful, deep, punchy, plenty of growl and bite. Those pickups are HOT - I tend to run it flat out but backing off the volume does mellow the sound a lot. As a rock bass I can't fault it really.
  3. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1430307208' post='2760038'] Yellow with a squishy centre? [/quote] Yellowing with a gluey, plywoody centre to be precise - this is what it looked like: http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u205/evilgreco/Evilguitars/NJ2MockBassW-11.jpg As I understand it they were only in production for a year or so - I wonder why...
  4. [quote name='cetera' timestamp='1430298622' post='2759900'] Sadly my tech has told me the neck is twisted beyond what's worth spending on it so will be returning it for a refund [/quote] Was it one of BC Rich's famed "100 piece" necks by any chance? I had an NJ Mockingbird with one of these that had a neck like a banana.
  5. I'm looking to join an originals band in Bristol on bass, after a long break from bassing in bands. I have about 20 years of playing under my belt, am an ear player primarily but have a little theory too, and I also play guitar and keys. Decent gear and transport. I'm looking to join something in the vein of art punk, or desert rock... something loud and dynamic at any rate. Not looking for fame or fortune, just want a weekly jam/rehearsal and the odd gig, and to have some fun making music.
  6. Wil

    Hartke LH500

    I got mine for much the same reason. It sounds really good. The tone stack is weird and takes some getting used to. It's not light. Overall it seems to be a great workhorse amp. I run a VT bass in front if mine - I prefer the sound to the Markbass F1 I used previously.
  7. Unrelated to the OP but I've got an LH and it's got a really weird tonestack I must say. Decent sounding amp though, if limited in toneshaping. I just whack a VT bass in front which covers all the tone shaping bases.
  8. Saw him twice at Arctangent last year, very impressive chap.
  9. I've got a minibrute and its very well built, no quality complaints. Sounds the nuts too. I'd imagine the microbrute would be a great choice for a bass synth. Heard very good things about the novation bass station also. Three Trapped Tigers use them and they get some great bass sounds.
  10. Worth noting the ATK has a rather thick neck rather unlike the SR series. Well, mine did anyway. It was almost too thick for me and I normally prefer a P neck.
  11. Bjork - Homogenic. Always pops into the forefront of my mind when faced with the classic album question. Stunning piece of work. Ref an earlier post, I listened Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient works for the first time last week too. I really like it.
  12. It's an awesome looking (and sounding) synth. I want one!
  13. Another minibrute recording - I finally worked out how to slice up samples in Ableton and assign them to the drum rack. All of the drum sounds in this are synthesised with the minibrute then assigned to the rack in Ableton where I sequenced them. In fact all sounds in this are the minibrute besides the piano. Now I know how to do this I'm probably going to go a bit sampling mad and pretend I'm in Animal Collective or something. https://soundcloud.com/wil-miles/bear-aware
  14. Thanks! Yeah I like it a lot. Just wish it was polyphonic but you can't have everything... I must say I really like the filter. When I first used it I thought it sounded a bit dull, but I had previously owned a Nord Lead where I was hesitant to really crank the resonance because it sounded so harsh - not so the minibrute. Going hell for leather with the resonance is positively encouraged and really makes the filter come alive.
  15. I got myself an Arturia Minibrute the other day and after unboxing the thing set straight to recording - boshed this out in a few hours. It's a wonderful bit of kit for the money, very intuitive and fun to use. Dialling in/modulating sounds is a real pleasure, now I'm thinking of making more and more electronic music and perhaps investing in some hardware to make creating beats more intuitive than sequencing in the DAW. I hooked up a midi cable to sync the brute with ableton for the purposes of synching the LFO and arpeggiator with the arrangement tempo, which worked a treat with no faffing about. This track is all minibrute besides a software 707 beat, some delay added in the DAW and a track of acoustic guitar to add a bit of space. [url="https://soundcloud.com/wil-miles/warfrogs"]https://soundcloud.c...-miles/warfrogs[/url]
  16. You might be lucky enough to find a Nord Electro 3 with hammer action for around a grand. I am no piano expert but owned one and to me the action felt great, the sounds were top notch and it was very portable. The chap I sold it to had experience with the SV1 and said it was a very good unit but more limited soundwise than the Nord and less portable.
  17. Now I've looked at that site, the semi hollow Morales "Mosrite" bass is calling to me...
  18. Cass Lewis, whatever bass he's playing. Pretty sure it's all in his fingers. Met him once, really nice bloke.
  19. I know you say you've been advised not to add another cab, but if you're not being heard, it could well make a big difference. Especially as you don't have bass support from the PA. I expect your combo is only putting half it's power into the internal speaker also. As WoT says, mids are important for cutting through, check you're not over using the VPF filter on the amp as that scoops out your midrange. A bit of top end wont go amiss in helping you get some definition in a mix too, so try turning off the VLE filter too. Bear in mind those controls are off when turned entirely anticlockwise, not at 12 o'clock.
  20. Love Pinkerton, love Blue. Enjoyed Green at the time as a pop album but it was the start of their decline... Maldroit I think was a bit of a return to form and after that they totally jumped the shark.
  21. I've seen them live twice now and they never fail to impress. One of the most exciting bands around for me.
  22. I used this guitar on a recording for the first time last night, for all the parts on this: https://soundcloud.com/wil-miles/bad It was also the first time I have picked up my bass since finishing this build, and I was surprised that my guitar's neck makes my P bass neck feel incredibly skinny... if that's not a sign that I need to thin out the neck more I don't know what is.
  23. I'm one of those tosspots who claim to have an "eclectic" taste in music so I'll play anything! I spent a few hours last night playing a spot of blues on this. Oh, and "Oh No" by Zappa, or a bad rendition thereof. Both pickups together sounds particularly sweet, I'm really happy with the pickups and placement. They are low output PAF style humbuckers, I'm not a fan of high output pickups in general. My current guitar project is instrumental post rock I suppose, for want of a better description.
  24. [color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,]I decided I'd had enough of sanding and trying to remove every little blemish, so I decided to get cracking with the tru-oil. I have it 3 coats, leaving 24 hours between each and wet sanding with tru oil after the first. I still need to make covers for the truss rod and control cavity. Stringing up has revealed a few high frets which I'll sort out in due course, and I need to file down the nut slots. The neck is pretty clubby so may at some point slim it down a bit and re-oil. Essentially though it all works, and sounds good, although until I have sorted the above, it will continue to play like a car crash.[/font][/color]
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