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  1. For theatre work, speak to your MD and your sound person, at the same time. Ask them what they want. Give them that.
  2. They always annoyed me for some reason, due no doubt to a stupid sneering teenage disdain on my part for things that other people liked, but I taped this off John Peel and always thought it was flippin' ace, the lyrics and energy and everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIaHNUfajcQ
  3. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1464286489' post='3058237'] So no actual bumming or trains? Bah! [/quote] It's live theatre darling! Anything can happen!
  4. It's a piece of interactive theatre, a journey that you go on as a single audience member, through a series of scenarios. It's supposed to be quite an experience. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Me_Bum_Bum_Train http://www.bumbumtrain.com/
  5. I read somewhere that putting bags of salt under monitors effectively decouples them from the surface they're on as well as anything else.
  6. [b]Roland UM-ONE[/b] - £15 A simple USB lead with a midi in and out. Nice and easy. Also works with iPads (camera connector thingie required). Postage extra, but not much. Or collect from Penge in SE London.
  7. I thought you meant the nice sound you get when laying the stick on the skin and tapping the beat on the rim. Used in quieter passages usually. Is that also a rimshot? I'm a drummer so I should know these things, but I don't. I don't think I've ever hit a rimshot as described in the original post.
  8. [b]MOTU FastLane-USB[/b] - £10 Two midi ins and outs via USB. Has a thru switch so it doesn't have to be connected to a computer, from what I can remember. USB connector cable included. Postage extra, but not much. Or collect from Penge in SE London.
  9. A P body but with Jazz pick ups in it, with a Jazz neck that is the same size as a P neck, but it says Jazz on it, with flatwound strings from a Jazz, but used on a P, and with Jazz tuning heads for the E and A strings, but Precision heads for the D and G strings, with a BBOT bridge from a P that was put on a Jazz, but then swapped out for something fancy and put back on the P. I like to keep it simple.
  10. Yes. I bought a 12" very thin raw brass splash cymbal the other day, for 9 pounds, from China, from eBay, for fun. Wow. What a sound. A bad, bad sound. Except... it serves a nice purpose as a low-volume bottom hi-hat (with a Zildjian Avedis Custom A splash as the top), to be played using home-made thunder rods with my cajón, and I may even get another one to be used as a nasty hand-smacked trashsplash thing.
  11. [quote name='sunburstjazz1967' timestamp='1462526747' post='3043730'] Hardly household names are they? [/quote] For what it's worth - people in this thread that I hadn't heard of: Stuart Zender (though I've heard of Jamiroquai) Mark Chung (though I've heard of Neubaten) Jim Mullen Clark Tracy Cass Lewis Herman Li Rob Harris Jenny Haan Jon Anderson Chris Squire Kat Marsh Dave La Rue The Jonas Brothers Chris Farlowe Davy Graham Martin Barre Jim Lea Dave Edmunds
  12. [quote name='Samfordia' timestamp='1462392622' post='3042730'] So the bass can't directly go into a line input, but if it first goes through a preamp then that's okay?[/quote] Yes, provided that's what the preamp in question actually does (that is, provided it has a line-level output). [quote name='Samfordia' timestamp='1462392622' post='3042730'] What kind of connection would need to come from the preamp? Just a regular jack? [/quote] Yes. A normal guitar lead, from the preamp (provided it has a line-level output) to input 3 or 4. [quote name='Samfordia' timestamp='1462392622' post='3042730'] Does a condenser mic only need one input? [/quote] Yes, but a condenser mic would need to be isolated from any other sound source, as they pick up everything. A standard SM58 or similar would probably be a better idea. Which leads to the question: how do you plan for you all to hear or listen to what you're playing, as you play it? Can you describe your set-up, or imagined set-up.
  13. It would yes. If you want to record separate tracks at the same time, you're going to need an interface with at least four inputs. Someone will come along soon and suggest something. Something like the Focusrite 6i6, which has two mic/instrument inputs (1 and 2), and two line inputs (3 and 4). So... you could plug your vocal mic into input 1, your guitar into input 2, your bass through a preamp or a pedal or something into input 3, and your synth into input 4. Or swap the bass and guitar round. Or send the mic through a preamp/channel strip/something that outputs to line level, and use the instrument inputs 1 and 2 for guitar and bass. A Behringer BDi21 is very cheap and quite loud (in a good way) on its line output, so that would work: vox 1, guitar 2, bass 3, synth 4.
  14. So you could all go through a small mixer, which goes stereo into the interface, for your jams. That's probably the easiest way to do it.
  15. Do you want to record them all at the same time? Or will you be happy, once you've composed or arranged your piece of music, to lay down individual tracks? Record the bass, then the synth, then the guitar, then the vocals, and so on?
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