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  1. Outstanding price for a brilliant bit of gear - I love my Garmin, I wanted a watch which doesn't necessarily look like a fitness/smart watch, so the face & strap options are very nice. Very surprised this is still here
  2. Shawman


    Thanks to Charlie I now have a lovely Dunlop cleaning kit that I'll definitely, 100% use and not leave in a cupboard where I'll "get round to it" one day... By no means a major purchase but Charlie still went to the effort of making the packaging indestructible - A pleasure 👍
  3. Been back a few times just to have another look at this. Beautiful example of a LP
  4. As above, bought some straplocks. Rapid & secure postage so great all round!
  5. Still here - probably bin this week because I keep knocking over the tub they're sitting in
  6. Not usually my thing but I'm loving this
  7. Real shame about the circumstances - from my experience, these basses are fantastic and definitely punch above their weight. All the best!
  8. Morning folks, Just took these off my guitar project. No idea of age. Condition is ok, one or two are slightly shoogly which could likely be fixed. I only really changed them because it gave me the excuse to buy new ones. Ferrules included as well as the screws if needed. Came off a 3x3 headstock (all six included, just to clarify) Free for collection/meetup or whatever postage would be
  9. FWIW - I have this very bass now. It's lovely
  10. Shawman

    MYBASS feedback

    Pete was kind enough to respond to my "Stuff Wanted" and have a rake about his parts drawer for me. Bought a lovely set of tuners from him, well packaged and wasted no time getting them sent up - perfect transaction Thanks again!
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  12. Used to have one of these - Never should have moved it on
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