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  1. [quote name='andybassdoyle' post='864302' date='Jun 11 2010, 01:24 PM']Nice choices. How do you find the SVT6? I was after one of these ages ago and ended up with the SVT5 instead (which is an awesome amp). I've got loads of cabs but love my 8x10. Bigger cabs are just better period. Nemsis = stairs of course... How long after the wedding do you think it will be before you need to change it?[/quote] I'm pretty pleased with the SVT-6. It took a while to get used to the eq system but am comfortable with it now. There's just heaps and heaps of headroom with it putting out 1100w at 4ohms. I played two gigs on a friends SVT5 a year or so back and was blown away by it which is why I didn't hesitate picking up an ampeg. I totally agree about bigger cabs. It just feels like they do everything comfortably although I'm not looking forward to dragging it upstairs when we play some of the old pubs in Oxford which are awkward at the best of times! Wedding is next April so will try to get that far without falling off the wagon and getting G.A.S get the better of me. Beyond that I wouldn't like to say! [quote name='7string' post='864831' date='Jun 12 2010, 12:13 AM']Doesn't this mean you have some cash spare to buy some more gear :wacko: The G.A.S. will return one day [/quote] Haha G.A.S is in all of us and never goes away!
  2. That's seriously cool! Dingwalls make me go cross eyed just looking at them but I think they look stunning. I never thought I could like a green bass either.
  3. mrtcat

    My Gig Rig

    That's a beautiful rig. I love 4x12's and I reckon we'll hear you playing at your next gig from here!
  4. Thanks to everyone for some really cool comments. [quote name='Rayman' post='854476' date='Jun 2 2010, 09:18 AM']Yum, perfect set up, you'll never need anything else. I could be in the market for a new bass shortly, and now I'm thinking 75 RI Jazz too![/quote] Can't sing the praises of the 75 highly enough. It's a great sounding bass and feels quite light. Might opt for a badass2 bridge at some point but other than that I'm real pleased with it especially as it is a pre owned one. [quote name='Conan' post='854483' date='Jun 2 2010, 09:22 AM']Nice set-up! Bet that cab's heavy though!?[/quote] Yeah it's a bit of a beast and comes in at around 50kg but at least it's got wheels and our drummer is a bit of a gorilla so for the time being it's fine.
  5. Thanks all, wedding is next year and she'll be selling a kidney before i sell anymore basses. Sadly I only earn brownie points in 1's and 2's but I seem to spend them in 10's and 20's.
  6. This time last year I had heaps of immaculate brand new gear. I had a stage 1 streamer V and a usa deluxe jazz v to name a few guitars plus a full 900w ashdown rig and heaps of spare cabs. I seemed to be perpetually acumulating gear. It was worth £1000's and while it all looked pretty and sounded fine it felt kinda soul-less. Then a swift proposal to the good missus put me in a position where I needed to generate some cash. So I started selling!!! The plan was to shift as much as possible and then scour the second hand market for a basic rig. By the time I'd sold everything I'd raised £4700. I then scoured for months for the right kit. I wanted a basic solid set up of 1 bass, I head, 1 big cab and one small cab for rehearsals. And £1750 later here it is!! [attachment=51075:big_rig.jpg] not pictured is an old old trace elliot 2x10 cab for rehearsals that cost me £45 I've never been happier with the kit as it feels very rock n roll and my band all love the sound I now put out. Bass: Fender USA vintage 75 reissue Amp: Ampeg SVT-6 pro - found this in cash convertors for £350!!! Cab: Mesa Boogie Road Ready 1000 - bought from this very site! May not be porn to you guys as many of you have some simply beautiful kit but in downscaling I have found my perfect rig! Sorry if this bores you but someone out ther might like it!!
  7. Just aquired a second hand USA vintage 75 reissue Jazz and am totally blown away by how it really sounds and feels awesome. When playing with a band it cuts through brilliantly, has IMO the perfect jazz bass sound and is so simple. I've owned a handful of Jazz basses and most have failed to deliver but this is exactly what I'm after so it'll be my main bass from now on. The only other J I've kept hold of is my Japanese Marcus Miller which is not only a really great value back up to the 75 but also a lot of fun and has some really unique sounds. Generally used in passive mode but I really couldnt bear to let this go as a whole line of very expensive basses have come and gone over the last 4 yrs and none have outshone the MM which always puts a smile on my face. I also think the finish in the MM is spot on. My two penneth!
  8. Amp head and 4x10 now sold. Just the 1x15 Abm cab left. I'll take £160 for swift sale
  9. Hey, Just a quick reply to say thanks for the Road Ready 1200. Awesome cab so I'm well pleased. Absolutely as described! Cheers
  10. [quote name='DHA' post='841511' date='May 18 2010, 10:48 PM']could be something silly like a ground loop but does not sound right, might be worth getting it checked out.[/quote] My retailer has taken it on for me as it's still in warranty so with any luck that'll see it resolved! Thanks for the reply
  11. Hi Dave, I've got an Ampeg SVT-6 Pro head which powers a mesa boogie cab. Now the sound is awesome and exactly what I wanted but one little thing is driving me nuts. I switch the head on and for about 10 - 15 seconds there's silence then a moderately loud click and the amp sends a constant buzz throught the cab. The buzz is loud enough that I can't mic the cab live which is my preferd technique. Is this likely to be something I'm causing or does the amp need to go back from whence it came? Ive tried different cables, power leads etc. Any advice would be most welcome. Cheers
  12. Hi, You've got some great kit there! I can muster £450 cash for the road ready cab so if you get to the point of needing a quick sale let me know! Cheers
  13. [quote name='voxpop' post='837128' date='May 14 2010, 01:32 PM']Interested in the 15" cab. Is it the one with a BLACK speaker cone and SQUARE grab handles on the side. A pic would be good. Thanks... [/quote] Hi, have now added pics of both cabs. Cabs have the abm blue drivers and the square grab handles Cheers
  14. This amp is in A1 condition. Forthcoming wedding forces sale. It's absolutely mint and comes in the original box with the original power lead still bundled. I have had this as a spare and as such it has only been used a handful of times. It has been rackmounted from new and is now back in it's original packaging. All the usual features with heaps of power. [attachment=49480:Amp_062.JPG] [attachment=49485:Amp_066.JPG] [attachment=49483:Amp_070.JPG] Ashdown's full blurb can be seen here: [url="http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?ID=55"]http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?ID=55[/url] I would prefer pick up only but will post at buyers expense if you insist. I'm in Bicester - Oxfordshire and will deliver within a 40 mile radius for free. I'm available evenings if you want to come and try it paired with the ABM cabs. £330 I also have an ABM 410 cab and an ABM 115 Compact cab. The 410 is 1yr old and has some tolex wear but is in perfect working order. The 115 is hardly used so is in excellent condition. I'm after £250 for the 410 and £200 for the 115 or if you want the whole rig it's yours for £720 (new price for the rig is £1300 so save yourself a fortune now!). [attachment=49709:cab1.jpg] [attachment=49710:cab2.jpg] [attachment=49711:cab3.jpg] [attachment=49712:cab4.jpg] [attachment=49713:cab5.jpg] [attachment=49714:cab6.jpg] P.S Cabs are collection only unless you live within 40 miles of Bicester!
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