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  1. May have been mentioned before on youtube links but I love the bass line on "Starlight" by The Supermen Lovers and more recently I've loved the bass parts on "Left My Heart In Tokyo" by Mini Viva (total one hit wonders for sure) and also there's a very cool disco-y type bass part on Dizzee Rascal's latest tune. Cheesy chart guff I know but reassuring to know someone out there is putting good bass lines into at least a couple of the mass produced nonsense out there........OMG I sound like my dad!
  2. [quote name='High score' post='914237' date='Aug 3 2010, 08:24 PM']Your Welcome 'Cat, Tripping on start up can be cured. There is actually a thread on this site about it already. Audiolabs do a permanent internal fix but not exactly cheap - especially when the parts cost around £1.50. Interested how you get on with this mate........... HS[/quote] Thanks again HS I'm using a breaker at the mo which trips about once in every ten switch ons and usually i just reset the breaker and it works fine next time. If the problem gets worse I'll go for the Audiolabs solution. I must admit I agree with you that it's pretty disappointing that a company as well reputed as ampeg can send a product to market with a sizeable flaw. Like you say a £900 tv that did the same would be back in the shop before you knew it. The buzzing seems to be commonplace too in many SVT-6s and I'm getting to grips with controlling it (not ideal but when it's performing is sounds great). Ill keep any updates posted here! Cheers [quote name='escholl' post='914519' date='Aug 4 2010, 07:02 AM']Just in case you are wondering one of the threads, and solution, is [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=47105&hl=ampeg+start"]here[/url].[/quote] Thanks for the link escholl - much appreciated
  3. 1994, School talent show. Played an Ibanez £150 special thru a session 100w combo (the envy of every bass player in the school). We did a full uncut version of Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine. 20seconds into the "[email protected]@k you I won't do what you tell me"bit the deputy head hit the fire alarm button so we had to stop. The fire brigade duly arrived and me and the rest of the band got suspended til the end of term. Rock n Roll!!!!
  4. Hey Grandad Paul good to see you've rediscovered your love of bass. Very good choice of weapon too, that's a mighty fine bass!
  5. Have a bump on me as my dad plays one of these week in week out and he's 67 and his band do everything from Roy Orbison to Arctic Monkeys (ironically nobody in his band "look good on the dance floor" these days). It's a cool bass - FACT - and it plays really well too. Nobody is too old for a pointy headstock!
  6. Have a bump on me for a great bass, if anyone is teetering on the brink with this just do it! I've got one and they are awesome to play and are beautifully built. The quality on mine is far better than the current usa standards and I'm sure this one is no different!
  7. Final price drop to £500 until Sunday eve. If it doesn't go by then I'll keep it. Thanks to all who have reminded me why I bought this in the first place!
  8. [quote name='ahpook' post='914600' date='Aug 4 2010, 09:15 AM']the rockbasses are amazing instruments for the money - i love my fretless fortress good luck with the sale ![/quote] I tried a fretless fortress a friend had and it was beauuuutifull! I'm not entirely sure why people are still buying full price warwick's cos these are great.
  9. Here for sale is my Warwick Rockbass corvette. This bass prompted the sale of my Warwick Stage 1 Streamer! I could barely tell the difference tone and build quality wise so the £1700 streame had to go. These basses are absolutely great cos theyre so versatile. With active circuitry and pickups the output is huge and pretty much any tone is achievable. Selling cos I'm vain and want a more old school look so I'm Fender thru and thru these days. Two very small dings shown in pics Grab yourself a bargain Will courier for £15 ON HOLD - UNDER OFFER
  10. Nice bass tone! I wrote a blues tune way back when for my GCSE music (I was only the 3rd year after GCSE's were created which shows my age) which was about having everything reposessed (how the hell a middle class boy from oxfordshire was any kind of authority on blues especially reposession is beyond me) and it was nowhere near as well tracked as that and it earned me an A so I'm sure that'll be a winner.
  11. Much appreciated CoasterBass! The positive comments are making me want to keep it. Maybe the nice old man on the ground floor will let me keep it in his spare room or maybe i can convince the management company that I need a stannah lift putting in.
  12. Hey High Score, Thanks so much for your help. As it happens I'm going to be in Leeds next week so will give them a call and see if it's worth letting them take a look. Much of what you say tally's perfectly especially the tripping out the electrics on start up. Thanks again Tom
  13. Bump for the new lower price of just £110
  15. For sale is my Ashdown ABM115 Compact cab. Great sound, good condition and a good all round performer. I've been using it for rehearsals and it sounds bloody good for such a small cab. Cuts through very well and when paired with my ABM 410 it is more than capable of shaking the foundations of some pretty large venues. No tears or dents as it's been well looked after. Very solid little cab A bargain at £110 [attachment=55484:Ash15.JPG] Collection from Oxfordshire preferred but I'm happy to meet / deliver within a 40 mile radius of OX26 for 25p a mile. Not keen to post but you can arrange a courier if you must. As requested pictures of rear of cab [attachment=55721:ashcab2.jpg][attachment=55723:ashcab3.jpg]
  16. Big bump on this one as I saw the cab yesterday when buying your barefaced compact (which performed admirably last night by the way) and it's a pure piece of rock n roll. If you're in any doubt this chap is very genuine and I would be very happy to buy from him again!
  17. Very sweet playing! A very tight groove played with style and I love your bass sound. Never fails to amuse me how plonkers on youtube have to make negative comments even when it clearly takes heaps of skill to play like that. Keep it up, the world needs more groove like that.
  18. [quote name='stitch' post='911230' date='Jul 31 2010, 01:59 PM']PM sent............[/quote] PM'd back
  19. [quote name='30507090' post='910721' date='Jul 30 2010, 09:36 PM']Where are you based?[/quote] Hey, I'm in Bicester in Oxfordshire Cheers
  20. Hey, Anyone out there got an Ampeg SVT-6 Pro head. I'm in love with the tone but it buzzes lots especially as you boost the mids. It's driving me nuts. It came from PMT in Oxford and they've tried hard to help and their tech guy has had a look. He said there had been the end of a 1/4inch jack stuck in an output which he reckons had probs been there from when it was displayed in the shop. He says it was removed and problem was solved but it still buzzes lots. I've tried different leads, power supplies, guitars, cabs, buildings etc etc. I've never had an amp that buzzes like this before. I can't mic it for the PA system as it is sooo annoying. Would love to hear if anyone else has the same problem. Cheers
  21. [quote name='cetera' post='908116' date='Jul 28 2010, 12:52 PM']Nice.... open to any trades?[/quote] Hey Cetera, ultimately I'd like a second compact from barefaced to go with the first one but I'm quite impulsive so it wouldnt be out of charachter to go for a trade. [quote name='jonthebass' post='908295' date='Jul 28 2010, 03:39 PM']Hi mrtcat, WOW - I'd love it but am in the same boat as you being in a second floor flat! I went from using seperate Boogie 1x15 & 4x10 cabs to 2 x Barefaced Compacts to sort that problem out for me - What are you looking at getting? - edit - I see you have one BF Compact already. I cannot recommend adding another one highly enough! Regards, Jon[/quote] Hi John, I love the barefaced cabs and would really like another compact and logic would suggest that it would be the best option. It's very reassuring to hear you are getting along with yours! Cheers Tom
  22. Not for sale anymore - Might relist in the winter. Cheers A Mesa Boogie Road Ready Powerhouse Cab. 1x15 + 4x10 comes in a built in flight case. Just roll it out (thankfully it's on wheels), take the front cover off, plug in and bring on the thunder. This thing moves an enormous amount of air. It's built like a tank ready to deal with the punishment of a hard working tour. The sound is incredible and can go seriously seriously loud!!! The 15 gives enormous headroom in the bottom end and the 10's punch through brilliantly. As with all Mesa gear it's very solidly built and weighs about 55kg by my reckoning. It's well used but is in good condition and works 100% perfectly. It's 1000w and can be run at either 8ohms or 4ohms I'm moving to a flat and don't fancy humping it up two flights of stairs after every gig so it's gotta go :-( Im looking for around £500 for it You're very welcome to come and give it a go eves and weekends. [attachment=55204:Amp1.jpg] The head is not included in the sale!!
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