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The Drayton Court Jam Revisited

Happy Jack

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Around 15 years ago one of the best-loved jam sessions in West London was at the King's Head in Acton. By 2007 it had moved to the Drayton Court in West Ealing where it ran every Tuesday for several years. It finally moved one last time to the ghastly Tune Inn in Acton, but the period at the Drayton was such a clear peak and a favourite that the regulars still refer to the jam as "The Drayton Jam".


Over 10 years later, I'm helping to organise and run a one-off Xmas Special ... the Drayton Jam Revisited, on Tuesday 28th December in that nice little lull between Xmas and New Year when nobody has any gigs. 😉


By sheer coincidence, that also happens to be the last day of my life before I become a pensioner. 😂😂😂


This is very much an OPEN EVENT for anyone to attend, whether as jammer or listener. These sessions were always a heap of fun, and it was always a very friendly crowd. Blues Jam sessions like this have also always been a great way to hook up with other musicians if you were looking to join/form/complete a band.


Above all, a well-run Blues Jam is always entertaining. Whether the crew on stage are sublime, or a complete train wreck, it's always entertaining.


Do come if you can.


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We've created this Facebook event:



For those not on FB, here is the text and image:





After over 10 years the famous Drayton Jam re-visits its old haunt ... for one night only.

Full PA & backline supplied, quality House Band, even some of the original organisers. There will be a sound engineer on duty and volume levels will be sensibly controlled.

Come to listen, come to play. If you don't have your instrument with you, just borrow one from the House Band. If you come solo then no problem, you can be 'matched' to other musicians to make sure that you get an opportunity.

This was always one of the friendliest and most relaxed jam nights around, and that won't have changed.

West Ealing is now MUCH easier to reach thanks to Crossrail ... fast Heathrow trains from Paddington every 15 minutes (last train back to Paddington at 2343 allegedly).


Hope you can make it, @Piers_Williamson! :)

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On 15/10/2021 at 15:25, Happy Jack said:

Around 15 years ago one of the best-loved jam sessions in West London was at the King's Head in Acton.


That used to be my local back in the 80s! 


I do like a decent blues jam - shame that they didn't start the jam there 20 plus years earlier... 


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A big shout out to Happy Jack and Sylvia for all the hard work organising this and humping gear in and out last night.  It was great to meet a few BassChatters in the flesh (and prove that this site is not one big conspiracy to buy more bass gear) and some really friendly band members too.



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Thanks Piers - the night went well beyond our expectations, everybody was friendly, there was some great music being played, and it was great to both see old faces after a long time and new faces joining 'the club', so to speak. I wish I could have had the time to play your lovely Wal a bit, but of course, and unsurprisingly, it was not to be - what with three cameras, a PA and the occasional technical glitch to take care of...

We had @chris_b, @MacDaddy, @Piers_Williamson, @Happy Jackand yours truly from this parish - Basschat 'pwned' the place! 😉😂

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Many people have suggested making this an annual thing, and certainly that's possible, but it really is a helluva lot of work for me and @Silvia Bluejay.


The Junkyard Dogs were happy to help out since not only were they formed out of that very jam but also we routinely rehearse on a Tuesday evening anyway, so that's all good, but for me and Silvie this is more work than an actual paid gig, with far less time on stage for me to compensate!


Jury's out, mate. Mention it again during the Autumn and we'll see what happens. 🙂

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