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Hi all. Ooh I hate introductions, but here goes. 

I started playing bass at 17 (back in the very early 80s) when we needed a bass player in the band and the singer/songwriter/lead guitarest refused, swapping over from rhythm guitar. It was definitely a swap for the better! 

However, I also liked playing around with tape machines etc and this lead to me getting a job as a tape op in a Bristol studio, which meant the bass took a back seat. I did loads of live sound as well as studio work with top Bristol bands. 

The big change came at 20 when I managed to get a job in a major London studio (Red Bus). Big lights, big city! Worked for 15 years in studios, worked with many named bands and producers. Did a few tours as a live engineer, and was lucky enough to engineer on a few records that made top 40. Long hours but amazing times. But no bass playing! (on a serious level anyway). 

Left London late 90s to return to Bristol. Still worked in audio and still doing live engineering, but still had a love of the bass. So about 10 years ago bought my first bass (Ibanez btb) off a friend to play around with. I've left the audio side behind now but it's still ingrained in me. 

Skip to the end.... Joined a band about 2 years ago and started taking it a bit more seriously. Just as covid hit! Did my 3rd ever gig on stage (rather than behind the desk) recently after break of 40 years. 

Loving it again and really regret not keeping it going from my youth, but making up for lost time now. 

Still have the btb, but thats been joined by an Sr500, a Fretless, an accustic and a soon to be 'birthday present to my self' Squire Jazz. 

Been reading to forum for a bit now and love the fact it's a real mixture of people, pro' s, non pro's, builders etc. The knowledge here is so broad.

Look forward to reading more and gaining more and more knowledge. 

Well, that was more than I thought I would write! 

Have a potato..... 



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Welcome aboard! :crigon_04:

Once a sound engineer,  always a sound engineer! However when you're up front you can't hear the FOH mix so you just have to trust the bod behind the desk. We have great sound engineers, very musical too, but when I play there always seems to be a little red light on my channel... 🤔

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