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New rig day! Markbass content


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Got myself a nice new Markbass set up over the weekend and wanted to show it off to a crowd who might actually care! 


It is: 


- 600W Little Mark III head

- Traveller 102P cab on top

- Traveller 115P cab below


All in a custom made "trifibre" case. 


The Little Mark Vintage underneath the LMIII is mine too - I've basically just got a spare / back-up now. 


Only played a little bit with it solo so far, but good things to report already. Sounds excellent with the P, and really enjoying the differences the VLE / VPF can make. I've tried both the LMII and the LMV, and I have to say inital reports I might actually prefer the sound of the LMIII! Will have to wait for band context to see how it goes. 


Flight case super useful for all the upcoming gigs (fingers crossed). 


Who else is using this / a similar set up? How are you finding it? 



MB rig (1).jpg

MB rig (2).jpg

MB rig (3).jpg

MB rig (4).jpg

MB rig (5).jpg

MB rig (6).jpg

MB rig (7).jpg

MB rig (8).jpg

MB rig (9).jpg

MB rig (10).jpg

MB rig (11).jpg

MB rig (12).jpg

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21 hours ago, Rik (ESA) said:

Saw this rig on ebay recently (if its the same one), looks excellent, enjoy!

Yes I bought it from eBay. The pics are from the same ad. Sent the seller a private message and negotiated a price and arranged collection at a convenient meet up point. 

Really nice chap tbh- pleasure to do business with them. I’m not sure if they’re on BassChat. 

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Very cool rig!

I’ve got a similar set up using a P bass thru a LM3 and into a Traveller 102P paired with a STD102HF cab.


It’s been my go-to rig for all the gigs I’ve done post lockdown (about 10 so far). So light and portable but really loud.


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