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Sold: Dingwall NG2 5 string

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    • By Rtotherosco
      Beloved 2013 custom shop Warwick Thumb through-neck 5 string, built for me with the broad neck option and a lovely swirly bubinga pommele body. I'm the original owner, it's never been gigged, never even left my house. No mod's, no marks, regularly waxed, I still have all the tools and certificates and everything works perfectly. I get to play it roughly an hour a week. it's too nice to be an ornament.
      On the dodgy bathroom scales, I'm reading high 4's to 5 kilos, not sure if that sounds right, but it's defo on the heavy side and I know people like to know. I'm located in Suffolk and would be happy to travel to meet half way with a serious prospective buyer, or discuss splitting shipping costs etc. Original Warwick hard/flight case is also included  either way  
    • By Arnoldoc
      Selling my Atelier Z Jerry Barnes M265. Top of the line, hand made in Japan, 70s style bass from Atelier. Bought new a few weeks ago and in literally "as new" condition. Fantastic instrument and craftsmanship, but selling as I'm much more of a 60s pickup position / alder body guy. Easily nails the 70s super jazz, Marcus Miller type of tone. It has an upgraded electronics package (including a passive tone knob), adding additional versatility. 70s type of sound but without the huge weight! (pretty light for an ash 5 string). Currently setup with quite low action with no buzz at all.
      Jerry Barnes (Chic's bass player) signature model. 
      Neck : Maple with binding, 21 Frets
      Body : Ash
      Tuners : GOTOH 
      Bridge : Vintage-type
      Pickups : ATELIER Z JBZ-5
      Preamp : ATELIER Z EQ-M
      Control : F vol, R vol/switch A/P, Passive Tone, Stacked Bass/Trenble
      Colour : Vintage Natural gloss
      Gig Bag: Padded deluxe
      Sring spacing at bridge: 19mm
      Weight: 4.5kg
      Plenty of feedback:  

    • By silentbob
      Picked this up a couple of months back to have another try with five strings. Not sure what I was thinking because I struggle with four so in light of some recent purchases I  think I will move this on.
      The Good Points
      It's a good, solid 5 string bass which punches above it's weight. Body is Bubinga wood, fingerboard is Rosewood. The neck is super flat and really nice to play. Hardware and pickups are by Wilkinson. The four pots are Volume, Tone, Bass, and Pickup Blend.
      The Bad Points
      It has a few marks and dings (the previous owner toured Europe with it) but nothing major, just general, light, wear and tear.
      When I picked it up, it had a really low output, and the pickup blend pot was crackly when adjusted. On inspection, the battery had leaked and corroded the battery clip, so I replaced that and stuck in a new 9v which sorted the output issue. I haven't gotten around to fixing the pot yet. It may just need a squirt of cleaner, or it may need a replacement soldering in, both of which should be pretty simple and are reflected in the price.
      Price is £125. This does not include shipping but does include a crap Fender gig bag to carry it home in. Shipping could possibly be arranged. I have a box, and can upgrade to a better more padded gigbag, but this will push the price to £160.
      I would also consider a trade for a high end (Mono, Sadowsky) gig bag with money either way.
      Socially distanced collection or viewing is welcome, as is PayPal if fees are covered.
      Any questions, please ask.

    • By RiverofDeceit69
      *Price Drop £325*
      For sale/ trade here is my Cort Bass GB75 JH in Trans black
      Owned for about two years, played many shows and recorded with it but I'm no longer in a hardcore band, so I don't need a 5 string.
      Omega Bass bridge Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound J-Bass pickup in the neck Hipshot Ultralite Machine heads Swamp Ash Body 2 Band EQ, pickup selector, volume Maple neck (with a nice flame maple) Humbucker in the back ( great stingray tone) Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment (like those on musicman basses) comes with gig bag Ideally I'd like to trade it for a bass in the same price range (preferably fretless)
      Few nicks here and there on the body, and a few up the neck but nothing noticeable.
      The battery cover on the back came off unfortunately.
      one of the tuning pegs is slightly bent, but works perfectly still.
      The neck pickup is a bit temperamental due to soldering work, but its a 2 minute fix to re-solder the wire - I just don't have access to a soldering iron right now.
      Other than that, it's in full working order and good condition


    • By 5stringcruiser
      In fantastic condition with the padded dingwall gig bag. Closely inspected and cannot find any marks or dings. Would prefer pickup but could possibly look into shipping. Open to trades with cash my way. Thanks Tom

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