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Ashdown CTM300 £1000 Final price drop

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Selling my setup due to leaving my band, will not be doing any other musical ventures anytime soon so this is really no longer required sadly. Head comes with a soft case and a speakon cable, additionally with some spare bulbs for the VU meter.

I only got to use it for 1 livestream Christmas gig last year and a handful of rehearsals so has barley been used. I can’t describe how amazing this and and cab sound together, I’ll be sad to see it go. 
due to no longer being in a band I’m not really interested in any trades.

it is currently stored away at my rehearsal room but will be getting it moved to my house Hopefuly this weekend 24/04/2021

£1000 collection only from grimsby 



offers welcome




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2 minutes ago, walshy said:

Amazing rig! I love mine, although only have the 6x10. Sounds like thunder!

GLWTS dude

Thanks Walshy, wish I didn’t have to get rid of it but can’t justify keeping it. I might get a little CTM30 or 15 for home use though

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'Tis a formidable rig indeed. Unfortunately, I think my days of lugging 8x10's around and heads heavier than Bill Gates' wallet are all but done. However, if the days of the roadie ever returned, I'd be all over it. GLWTS

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