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Sold - EBS Proline 2000 410

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Love how this sounds, love everything about it but I’ve been let down on storage at rehearsal space so I realistically can’t keep lugging in about - my back won’t stand for much and I’m not doing anything big enough these days to justify the power handling.

I would love to swap for an Ashdown RM414t if anyone wants the EBS goodness.

Need a 4ohm Cab to replace so will entertain any trades.

it’s in decent cosmetic condition, the corners are a bit scuffed as is the badge - I have a new badge for it sent from EBS. Never got round to fitting it.

Collection only, I can’t risk my back at the moment - it’s manageable as a one man lift, but it only takes one twinge and I’m out 😩

  • Configuration 4x 10" + 2"
  • Frequency Response 70 - 18k Hz
  • Sensitivity 102 dB
  • Power Rating 800 W RMS
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Volume 116 liters
  • Height 69 cm / 27"
  • Width 58 cm / 23"
  • Depth 44 cm / 17"
  • Weight 36.1 kg / 77.4 lbs




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Had mine over 15 years , still never found a reason to upgrade or change ...

This is a bargain and a lot better nick than mine which the Cats have had pleasure using as a cat scratcher over the years

I am nearly tempted myself as a backup but would to invent somewhere to put it unless I make a 8x10 stack 😂 which would be impressive but wouldn't get used ...



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