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I don't like slap

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In case it wasn't clear to everybody, when I poke fun at not having put in the time to learn certain pieces of music that many bassists and non-bassists consider to be in the, if not essential or iconic, at least so well-known that you'd be reasonably expected to muddle through ... like Imagine or Let It Be or Can You Feel the Love Tonight on piano, or Wonderwall, Voodoo Chile, Paranoid, You Shook Me All Night Long on electric guitar ...

I'm the worst offender.

I say I love soul, funk and disco, and yet I couldn't play Forget Me Nots without shedding.

I claim to have spent my youth drinking beer and listening to classic hard rock, but can't play Stairway to Heaven or Black Dog off memory. Highway Star on a good day.


Thus endeth today's public self-critique (and I put the little red book back on the shelf)

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5 minutes ago, Cairobill said:

I'm pretty much with you on being slap-averse except when the slapping is like this...in which case I think it's the best...


What do you think about my immediate thought: are you, then, against guitar solos with fast lines or effects, or just when they become and end to themselves, and not tasteful?

Because both slap and shred tempt people to overindulge, for sure :D

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It’s all about context for me but I am certainly not averse to extreme Muso-Dom...I’m pretty easygoing. 

But I think it’s pretty obvious that extreme chops are not what musicianship is about in the real world e.g Guy Pratt gets bigger gigs than Henrik Linder for a very clear set of reasons. 😁

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3 hours ago, Cairobill said:




3 hours ago, nobodysprefect said:

 are you, then, against guitar solos with fast lines?

Who would rather have to watch enjoying themselves, Dave Ellefson or his youthful penpal?

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Jimi Hendrix had to light his guitar on fire because he was following Pete Townshend on stage at Monterey (he warned Pete) He didn't have to do that at Woodstock. They both can play the guitar pretty good. There are a lot of people out there with basses and guitars who can play really fast and pop and slap and Joe Random goes, "Whoo" but it gets old quick. 

One note. That's all it takes to give me the shivvers...

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