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Sparkle Purple Precision Westfield
Leyland Lancashire

la bam

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This is a bass I bought last year which looks stunning. I've never seen any bass similar.

I think it's a Westfield of some sort, although the previous owner has relabelled it on the headstock and back plate as a fender as you can see, which it is definitely NOT a fender.

It's very lightweight. 

The body is stunning. Sparkle purple. In great condition. Complete with a black scratchplate which looks slightly more used. Maybe this is a 'bitsa'?

It sounds ok, works fine. The fretboard is rough on close inspection. The metal frets are rough, and there does look like lacquer cracking on very close inspection. However, none of these affect the playability or sound in any way, and youd have to look very closely to see the faults.

You could easily make this a stunning bass for little money - perhaps drop a gzr pick up kit in and itll be a desirable bass!

Either way, on looks alone, I'm listing this at £150.

Please read the description carefully before buying.

Only selling to fund my last bass.









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1 hour ago, Geek99 said:

I think it’s a bitsa as there are two missing screws from bridge and they’ve clearly never been there 

Nah, I've got a Westfield P bass, all original parts from 17 years back and it's definitely additional parts but wouldn't go as far as saying 'modded' 😅

Great sounding beginner basses or a great back up Pbass for anyone in need of one. 

Even recorded with mine fairly recently, so make of that what you will. 

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Thing is, postage will make it around a £200 job. I'd need a hard case and then a massive cardboard box, then £20-30 to post.

If anyone wants to do that, it's an option I could look at.

Ideally though, I'd like pick up, as I'd like people to see the bass before they buy, and keep out of the hands of couriers. With everyone posting everything at the moment, it's not a great time to be posting.

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The Mrs' son in law has one, these which he'd discarded due to upgrading, I took it, cleaned and tweaked it, put a new set of Slinky's on it and it plays very nicely, and the pickups, though relatively weak, have lovely warm tone about them. considering the price of £80 when new it is a lot of bass, way better than the cheese graters we had to put up with back in the late 70's.

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