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Matamp GT200 rig
Pontypridd South Wales

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Reluctant sale :

Owned from new since 2010 my green tolex mark 1 GT200 and black tolex 610.

Serviced regularly, reliable and runs like a dream. New valves and serviced by Jeff a couple of years back and used sparingly since. 

This amp does it all. 

I last recorded an album with alternative band 'this' called 'hoc est' if anyone wants to hear it. 

Comes with dust covers and a custom made wheel trolley to manoeuvre rig with ease. 

Collection only and not prepared to split. If it doesn't sell i will be kinda glad. It's a monster. 

PM for further details. 



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I can vouch for that rig, I've heard it live and up close and was so impressed I commissioned MJW (ex-Matamp) to build me a clone (but with some weird options Jeff wouldn't do). Funnily, it was seeing Tim's old 400+ in action that led me to buy Beedster's. Small world. 

Also, Tim's a diamond geezer. 

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Hi Sean!

Hope you are well mate and good to see you're still knocking about BC.

Ah man, my 400+ now you're taking me back 🙂 I think kiwi bought that off me.

Yeah, this is a beautiful beautiful rig. The best I've ever owned without a doubt. 

It absolutely slays with a nice Pbass driving it.

These days, I am doing a lot of recording, in my little home studio and can't see me gigging out for a while, I am getting more joy from producing and song writing, but do have a couple of rock/metal projects on the horizon (which may just stay as a studio thing) I would love a little amp for the house but it's not essential really with what I'm doing. 

That and a beautiful little 4 year old monster running around plus busy day job are eating up 90% of my time so any other spare time and I'm writing and tracking music speedily in the house and that keeps me happy these days.


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