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New(ish) Gibson Bass?!

Cosmo Valdemar

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Ah that’s nice enough, I absolutely would’ve bought one a few years ago.

Then I got an Epiphone NR and although not that close in construction or sound to a T-Bird, the body shape absolutely did not work for me.

So, I’ll just admire it.

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I've commented elsewhere, but let's see. 

The reality here is that Gibson had little interest in reissuing the NR until Bach started using/borrowing the design nearly ten years ago, afterwhich it took them another two or three years to reissue the first batch (in Pelham Blue and Sunburst).  I owned one of the sunbursts from new, the expectation/excitement of buying brand new (I think it was only about £800/850) was quickly turned to horror and frustration due to Gibson's QC.  This is covered elsewhere.

Of the 2021, nah, not for me.  You'd have thought, that with Gibson constantly pimping out their Les Paul and SG reissues, that someone would have at least looked at the original schematics and put a two part bridge on it, at the very least put the knobs in the right place and given the option of a single pickup Thunderbird II version.  I mean, really, how difficult would it be to program the CNC machine to achieve this?


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I'll wait for Epiphone to put out a better 'Vintage Pro' version in black or tobacco sunburst with a decent bridge (like those in the catalogue pics above)..... THEN I'll be interested ;)


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