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jay bass

MARUSZCZYK Flatwound Strings

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Saw These Marusczyk flatwound strings  on bass direct website for£22

has anyone tried them ?


i have ordered a set to try on my Fender 51 p bass with through body stringing, i currently have a set of la bella 52/110 flats on it

but want to try a slightly lighter guage . my other p bass has a set of thomastik flats on which are great  but at half the cost of the thomastiks

i thought i would try the Marusczyk's

i let you know  my opinion when i have tried them.


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Recieved my strings today

yes they do have black silks, the silks do clear the nut on my fender 51 p bass with through body stringing

il leave the neck to settle and do a set up later , as the la bellas i had were much higher tension so il have to adjust the truss rod etc. il post my opinion in a couple of days when ive had a chance to try them out.




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I've had them on my BB425X and my Mensinger Custom Joker will come with them, when its ready. I've liked them alot. They've got lighter Tension. Not as stiff as Chromes or Fender Flats

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They may be the flats for me then. I trie dtye Korean Olympia flats last time and they were good  but the G string was so tight (resists the urge for a crude similie) it was hard to play. I  have always avoid the TI Flats route as I suspect the tension would be too low for me.

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I have a 57 re issue precision strung with la Bellas 52 /110  hi tension

a standard mex precision strung with Thomastik 43/100 low tension

both are fine for me , i love the la bellas &  thomastiks, but they are expensive.

i would say The marusczyk flats are  somewhere in between the two  for tension.

and sound pretty good to me , i havent used them live yet as only had them a couple of days

well worth a try at thier price point.

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