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  1. Hi yes black silks both ends, nice strings .
  2. I can post this if required in a hard hofner bass case , i wouldnt trust it in a gig bag, Also any insurance would be invalid unless its in a hard case.but i would have to charge for the hard case + postage best price would be £620 hence discount for collection regards jay
  3. Cheers ive ordered some Green Dunlop Tortex triangles 0.88 see how i get on with them they do 1.0 and 1.14 also
  4. What gauge size of plectrums are you using i find the large triangular picks better for more involved or faster bass lines but im having trouble finding any on line, they all seem to be the standard size anyone know of a supplier Regards Jay
  5. Roland Hd 3 Full drum kit all in good clean working condition great kit for practice or live , studio or just having fun collection only from pe285ap may trade for Jazz Bass with cash either way
  6. Set for string Bass Black Nylon Strings used for a few gigs on a fender jazz bass price includes postage
  7. Try Maruszcyk F4 flats 45/65/85/105 they are lower tension than the la bellas but higher tension than the thomastiks they sit somwhere in the middle. but do sound brighter than la bellas or thomastiks available from bass direct £22 a set well worth a punt.
  8. 1 x 4 string sets of La bella 0760m flatwound strings 0760m 1954 original vintage 052/073/095/110 used and trimmed for a standard fender precision bass great sound for 50's,60's motown , reggae etc £20 + £2 postage or collect from cambs pe285ap
  9. I have a 57 re issue precision strung with la Bellas 52 /110 hi tension a standard mex precision strung with Thomastik 43/100 low tension both are fine for me , i love the la bellas & thomastiks, but they are expensive. i would say The marusczyk flats are somewhere in between the two for tension. and sound pretty good to me , i havent used them live yet as only had them a couple of days well worth a try at thier price point.
  10. Just to point out these are the LS long scale strings .
  11. Recieved my strings today yes they do have black silks, the silks do clear the nut on my fender 51 p bass with through body stringing il leave the neck to settle and do a set up later , as the la bellas i had were much higher tension so il have to adjust the truss rod etc. il post my opinion in a couple of days when ive had a chance to try them out.
  12. Cheers for that i hadnt seen that thread. looking forward to trying them. regards Jay
  13. Saw These Marusczyk flatwound strings on bass direct website for£22 has anyone tried them ? https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/MARUSZCZYK_Strings.html i have ordered a set to try on my Fender 51 p bass with through body stringing, i currently have a set of la bella 52/110 flats on it but want to try a slightly lighter guage . my other p bass has a set of thomastik flats on which are great but at half the cost of the thomastiks i thought i would try the Marusczyk's i let you know my opinion when i have tried them.
  14. Hi The warwick website states these basses weigh 3.9kg / 8.3lbs i havent realy got any accurate scales to weigh the bass myself. hope this helps
  15. Warwick Star Bass Made in China unmarked and in perfect working condition comes with padded gig bag this is the med scale model 32" .great sounds and great tone variations for sale or will trade for a fender Jazz with rosewood board block inlays eg 70's reissue etc cash either way ok
  16. I didnt realise they did these in a long scale 34" i have medium scale 32" in a met gold finish . the quality of construction is excellent as is the sound flexability and feel of the bass. GLWTS regards Jay
  17. Would be interested in this if postage was possible? To cambridgeshire
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. is the finish on this bass a satin finish or is it laquered over. Thanks Jay
  20. Experienced Drummer required For established working 4 piece 50’s 60’s covers band Band Members are Mature Experienced Musicians aged between 36 and 60 Line up is lead vocal/ guitar, lead guitar / keyboard, bass, drums Age not a issue as long as you can play Some Backing vocals would be an advantage but not essential Semi pro mostly weekends , but we may do the odd weekday at holiday camps etc no pubs . mainly social clubs and private functions Members based around Huntingdon , St.ives, Cambs area. Our repertoire is made up of the classic rock n roll songs of the Late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Pre Beatles era Must be prepared to listen to and learn these songs properly as we try to keep as close to the original versions as possible not 12 bar pub band jam versions. Rehearsals will be near to St Ives Cambs Looking for a permanent member , no deps or drummers with other Current band commitments. Must Have own Kit and Transport Please only apply if you have the time to learn the proper arrangements at home Prior to getting together at rehearsals. Based In cambridgeshire
  21. Can you give me a price to post to Cambs PE285AP regards Jay
  22. Are you able to post this or collection only thanks jay
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