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I've been hesitant to go further this week because I was looking at a relatively expensive purchase in the sourcing of pickguard material.  This will almost certainly be a unique shape even though I am following the outline of the missing original in the faded red paint of the Encore body.  The pickup position that has been dictated by the Yamaha neck has made that most likely.

The faded paint is just visible enough to make out under good light.  Tracing paper is not transparent enough to make out and trace with a pencil however.  I used some flimsy masking sheet that was handy and getting it as gently taut as possible was able to trace the outline onto it.


The trick then is to get that outline onto the card backing* without distorting or ripping the flimsy plastic sheet.  It is especially fragile since I have cut the outline of the pickup and the neck with a sharp blade to allow the sheet to sit flat against the body.  I used a glass cutter.  The little wheel allowed me to follow the curve accurately whilst scribing that curve into the card.

*In this case, a Weetabix packet.  Other cereals' or products' containers may be used.


I followed the scribed outline with a sharp blade.  It came out better than I'd hoped.  A few minor shavings and I've ended up with a pleasing shape that is worth working on both to mount the controls and to finish off the instrument respectfully.


Here it is in reverse.  For the next build, I quite like the idea of using a "Pop Tart" packet with the outside showing and then having it laminated onto a proper three ply backing...


The mock up is promising.



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I am a bugger for saving stuff in odd places.  I found some old polycarbonate sheeting from a cheap plastic cold frame that my late mum had in the garden.  When retiring it from use I kept the sheeting because it was compact and flat and easily hidden behind one of the bunkers.

Sometimes this strategy pays off.


I cut a pickguard from it using the template I made yesterday.


Loosely installed this seems to work with the overall look of the bass.  I may have been staring at it for too long...


I must try some strong lighting on it to see if it would look interesting on stage.


Getting there...

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A splash of white paint on the reverse of that would get rid of the opaqueness. 

Looking good though 👍

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1 minute ago, Pea Turgh said:

Pop some LEDs in the cavities!

Ignore me, do this. 

Like a Rickenbacker Lightshow. 

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It's an interesting idea.

I like the simplicity of the instrument however.  I am reluctant to embellish it particularly as it seems to be speaking for itself.  It's heavy.  It sustains like a good 'un. It sounds good in BEAD.

I'm happy enough to leave it.  If the copper tape I used for shielding remains shiny it will reflect any light shone onto the surface from within.

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