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So, got some work done on the Harley Benton kit this week, fortunately the weather round here was absolutely ideal for painting on Sunday too (humidity dropped right down to sub-60%).
So, first off the body. Reasonably well finished with a few machining marks but well sealed, just gave it a run over with some 600 grit before any paint to tidy up the marks. The ground wire hole is a very rough job, but that will all be hidden under the bridge plate. 3 piece body, looks and feels like basswood to me.
Had to fill in the drilled pickguard holes as they were a mile out from the included pickguard, and even more so from the replacement I'm going to be using. So, toothpicks and wood glue to the rescue! Cut back and sanded flush before paint.
Pickguard fitted - nowhere to drill for one screw above the controls, debating just leaving it off as it makes no difference or gluing a bit of scrap wood to the cavity to drill into. Will figure this out later down the line.
Headstock, shaped! Going to an early 60s colour scheme but wanted to strink the headstock a bit. The body is very lightweight so trying to avoid any neck dive issues. As such, used a template for an American Deluxe size headstock rather than a vintage sizing.
And colour coat, Shell Pink nitrocellulose. Used a full fin of both colour and clear coat and it's looking good with a decent shine to it. Now to leave it for 3 or so weeks to fully cure before wet sanding and buffing.


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Another tick on the colour.  Just lately shell pink has been a colour I'm considering, don't know why, but there it is... Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

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It's a colour I've always thought was a classic Fender vibe, so quite happy to be using it and the lacquer is top quality stuff, very easy to use and spray neatly.

Ordered a fret levelling beam and crowning file today as I'm going to give it a proper fret job, plus they'll have uses for my other guitars and basses so seemed worth spending a bit more and buying from a reputable UK luthier seller rather than hoping to get a perfectly straight beam from China. I'm also running a bit low on clear nitro so unsure I'll have enough for the neck, and certainly not enough for the headstock front. As such, I picked up some cheap polyurethane lacquer to do the front of the headstock, the back of the neck already has a light coating so probably doesn't need any more doing to it, only needs a flash coat where the paddle headstock has been cut and sanded.

The nut looks incredibly high and also feels like cheap plastic, honestly just considering knocking it off and getting a Tusq pre-slotted nut.

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