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A Hampshire Hello!

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Hi all!

In my late 40's and only now actually looking to pick up my own bass for the first time to get back into playing again.   I say again, the last time I played was somewhere around 20 years ago!   Self taught myself at school in the final couple of years there, getting myself to a point where I could back groups/singers in school concerts effectively then started making random appearances on stage with friend's in Edinburgh for a couple of numbers (usually Sympathy For The Devil, Rockin In The Free World and/or Whole Of The Moon - they were the "guest songs") on his WAL and Fender Jazz basses.  

After a change in life circumstances, stopped going along to see them then ended up on a slightly "hobo" style life with a more addresses than the number of years for the past 10 years so adding to the house contents was never on the table - until now!

Still trying to work a budget out but have started to look around various sites for potential deals to get me back into learning again - and for some reason have a strange fancy to go straight to a 5-string...   Will I join friends back on stage when I go back to see them (they're still gigging!) - yes.   Will I ever hope to do anything more than that?  Naaaah - really just want to enjoy picking one up, playing along with my favourite tunes and dream of what might have been if I'd stuck at it in my younger years!

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