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NBD: Ibanez SRMD205 Mezzo 5 string. Medium scale

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I was mainly using flats with the treble knocked back a bit too.

I've just restrung my first one with Newtone nickels as I'm going to be doing a bit of recording and need a bit more bite for that.

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I've got one of mine tuned a tone low for a couple of songs I'm recording and even with the 32 scale it sounds very nice.

I did wonder how well it would work with a low A but it seems perfect.

I might even leave it in that tuning now that I've set it up that way.

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11 hours ago, therealting said:

Have had something pretty major done to mine... update coming later this evening!





Ive discovered some costs cutting. The J pickup is a right noisy bastard when recording. Might have to get it shielded properly. Or swap the J for a stacked one. 

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