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SOLD Squier Classic Vibe 50s Precision Butterscotch Blonde

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Tidy Squier CV 50s precision bass in Butterscotch Blonde, with Seymour Duncan SCPB1 Vintage pickup upgrade and wiring and US pots upgrade, previously sold by @Beedster, and before that by @paulie

http://basschat.co.uk/topic/257211-fender-classic-vibe-squire-50s-p-bass-upgraded-on-hold/page__p__2714097__hl__vintage vibe__fromsearch__1#entry2714097."]http://basschat.co.u...1#entry2714097


I bought it back in August last year and, fitted some new Maruszczyk flat wound strings and gave it a clean and set up, and have subsequently refitted the pickguard with new stainless screws and fitted a lovely handmade Guy Lewis rosewood tug bar to complete the original look and fill the holes that were already there, though to be fair it does look good naked, player's choice.

I was playing it all the time and enjoying the classic mid 50's (some reviews say it's a '56 voice pickup) tone before my custom colour P bass was completed just before xmas but since then it's mostly been kept in its case so time to let it go to a new owner

Price includes UK shipping in a Stagg ABS case, which is fully functional, though has some paint or glue drips on it. If you are in a remote area that's a premium for shipping then we can discuss.

I have a set of little used Dunlop round wound strings which I could fit instead of the flats, or a set of ECB82 Chromes if that's your preferred string of choice













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If Roger doesn't take it, I will please (set up with the Dunlop rounds).

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Hey please go ahead, apologies (can’t get my mate to commit to it) it’s only fair 

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On hold as sale agreed just awaiting funds landing

thanks for all the interest

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Posted (edited)

this was the second bass that i was too late for within less than a week... the force is not strong with me these days..395F11CC-8687-481F-B37D-CA1091B754EF.jpeg

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I wasn't happy with some of the posts here so this thread has been tidied up. It looked a bit unnecessarily heated in places and I would remind anyone not sure to familiarise yourselves with forum rules. Not all the posts I hid were contentious but if they refered to the disagreement or PMs, I hid them. No formal action to any members at this stage but this got a little out of hand for a "For Sale" thread, and knowing the members involved, you're all better than that.

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    • By Osiris
      Up for sale is my 2006 Ibanez SR 1000 EWN Prestige model. It's a thru-neck model with a walnut cap and Bartolini soap bar pickups. It comes with the original fitted Prestige hard case. It's in excellent condition with no marks or dings, however it's worth noting that there is some minor discolouration to the gun metal finish on the control knobs and individual bridge saddles. But this is purely cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the bass at all. The bass is in all original condition with the exception that the notoriously ropey stock Ibanez pre-amp has been replaced with a 2 band Glockenklang model with bass and treble controls and active/passive switching. 
      Test drives are welcome and I'll throw in a cuppa too! 
      Collection is preferred from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, or I may meet up somewhere within an hour or so drive. 
      Looking for a straight sale ideally, the only trade option that I'm interested in is a Fender JMJ Mustang. 

    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks
      Encore Fretless P Bass & hard case for sale. 
      I bought this Encore Fretless P Bass about 2 years ago for a band I was in at the time that did a few mid 70s Joni Mitchell type songs where the fretless style of playing and fretless sound was a big part of the music..
      Unfortunately, the band didn't stay together long and my interest in - and opportunity to play fretless bass - kind of went with it... 
      So, I figure the best thing now is to move it on to someone who can make better use of what is in fact, a surprisingly good bass for relatively little money !
      Tonally, it sounds like a P Bass should and the pick up is quite loud and punchy. 
      As you can see in the photos, the bass has been stripped back to a natural wood finish (which has been lightly oiled or varnished) and it's been done very well indeed.. In my opinion, it has really enhanced the look of the instrument.
      In fact, the quality of the build of this bass is quite surprising given that is a budget brand bass.. In particular, the rosewood fingerboard on this bass is really good and it has a lot of life left in it too..
      From looking at the fingerboard, I'm not sure whether or not this was originally a fretted bass that's been very professionally defretted or not, but whatever, it's a very nice piece of wood! 
      I bought it on Gumtree from a chap who said he'd inherited it from his dad who'd quite recently passed away..  Apparently, his dad had owned it for quite a long time and had the modifications done to the body.
      It could probably do with a decent set up but despite that, it actually plays pretty well. At the moment, it's currently fitted with some flatwound strings on it which sound great. Not sure what brand they are but they remind me of a set of La Bella flats I had fitted on a fretted P Bass a few years ago..
      So that's it really; this is a well-made and very usable fretless bass for not too much money and if you're interested and would like to know more, please ask away here or send me a PM.
      The bass is available to view and test by prior arrangement and I'm located in the Littlehampton, West Sussex area. 
      Collection preferred but I can send by insured  courier service at buyer's expense if necessary.. 
      Thanks for looking, as ever ! 😊

    • By 6feet7
      2001 Fender USA Standard Jazz V 5 string with Fender hard case.
      In almost perfect condition - only a few minor superficial marks that can't be picked up on camera. Looks like almost new. 
      One of the catches on the Fender hard case has been broken off but the rest work perfectly.
      Weighs only about 8 1/2 lbs
      It's had new DR Sunbeams which have only been gigged once
    • By bogleshake
      Hiya folks, 
      Merry Christmas for a kick off, I'm sure this will age badly when the advert is still open in July!
      I'm having to clear out a few of my less used basses to fund a bass synth, new sound apparently, so here go's -
      £450 - Epiphone Jack Casady with Hard Case
      I bought this from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle in July 2013, mainly after seeing Mani playing one in the Stone Roses comeback gigs.  It's the made in Korea model.  I've since seen it played by various cool cats on stage, including Jack White and Paul McCartney's bassists.  Comes in the pretty drastic-yet-appealing-to-most golden colour.  I bought it to play the Wickerman Festival that summer, RIP, and that was one of only two gigs I've used it for.  The rest of the time it's been used solely for recording on all my band's recordings (Barstow Bats, check us out!) as it's got a much better sound than my horribly noisy American Jag.  Looks class on stage as well, although I'm not sticking a photo up of me playing it at Wickerman as the Mad Crew guys said I looked like Elton John that day!  Photo can be sent by request if that's your bag though!  Great bass, in excellent condition not a mark on it and all original parts.  Case has a few marks on the outside though although nothing substantial, just doing its job as a hard case.  

      £120 - Gretsch G220 Junior Jet II - Black  - SOLD!
      This is the first shortscale I've had really, gave it a shot and have since bought a Mustang so I've no need for this wee guy hanging about my living room.  It's a 'well used' example that I bought second hand, so it's got a few superficial wee marks on it and one more pronounced mark on the back of it.  I've tried to capture the imperfections in the photos'.  Comes with flatwounds, obviously, but no case or bag sadly.  This was the bass of choice for Royal Blood before the main lad started getting custom made Fender's built for him.  Obviously not this actual bass though as I'd imagine Royal Blood haven't ever passed through Dumfries, apart from on the M74 to some more interesting place!!
      So there you go pals, I'm in Dumfries (DG2 for life) but could travel to the likes of Abington if you're from the North and wherever the equivalent locations are down the M6 or A69.  And I'd prefer not to post.
      Hit me with your questions, and I'd imagine the names of the aforementioned bassists from Jack White and Paul McCartney's bands!
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