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Has anyone had any dealings with Andertons recently?

I have been trying to get in touch for more than two weeks with only an automated acknowledgement in response.

I don't want to phone the shop as it is closed for now and they specifically ask you not to call them if you can avoid it.

I appreciate we are in extraordinary times which will obviously have an impact on communications.

Not a big deal, but I am just curious.

Cheers for now,



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I bought stuff off them last week. It arrived next day. The shop is closed, I believe there’s something on their website about email and phone calls; could be wrong about that. They are still filling orders and shipping though.

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Bought something a couple of weeks ago, and called them an hour later to amend the order. Phone answered, helpful response, goods delivered promptly. I don’t think the website had a message about not calling unnecessarily at the time though. Maybe they’ve furloughed staff. 

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Called Andertons today.

Phone quickly answered and everything sorted out to the usual high standard.

I think the delay was due to me sending my query to an email address that is not currently being monitored.

Anyway, all good.

Thanks for the help.

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