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Which string Length?


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3 minutes ago, Frank Blank said:

Measure from the bridge to the nut.


Cheers Frank. In the past I've only needed the longest ones but since I decided buying basses was cheaper than replacing strings I've now discovered the red silky bit comes over the nut on some of them.

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My understanding is that if you measure from the nut to the 12th fret and double it, the result is your scale length. On a related topic, I have read that it is good practice to only have the silk wrapped around the tuning peg and that having the thick part of the string wrapped around the peg can cause the string to break. In the case of fender style headstocks on 34 inch scale basses it seems that most long scale strings are too long, meaning the thick part of the string wraps around the post. Do people use medium scale length strings or are these too short?

Not meaning to hijack, I thought this was relevant here


Happy Christmas!!

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