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Right. This is only up because I have a shot at getting a bass I’ve been after for 15/20 years which will sonically cover very similar ground.

My only other option is to sell my Jazz but I’ve been through lots with that bass and can’t do it.

If I can’t sort something out. I’m going to pull this listing super quick.

it’s Japanese, amazingly well put together, sounds unbelievable, and in great nick.

I’d really rather have this collected...

It just screams quality. Sticking my neck out and saying it’s the best put together bass I’ve ever owned.

18v active

bass/mid/treb/pan/vol no passive mode.

trim pots for mid sweep on back.

weight is about 9lbs maybe a fit more - but it balances like a dream.

no case currently...may have a gig bag for it.A1F06FDD-AA10-45C4-827E-8136C6B6C8D5.thumb.jpeg.8088bd3149de85ba56e6779634acc05d.jpeg5D7DB66A-CBB2-4245-9C21-763F50FDC91A.thumb.jpeg.e83aff15fc3591fd7410f03fa2f7bd53.jpeg3E12E80E-088B-412E-BD6A-35A3EC12E38D.thumb.jpeg.86484a285584695cdf5d9e1d2c46de3d.jpeg

Not a huge amount of information about these online - seemed to get a big push in the US about 2005 and nothing much after.

The stuff I’ve seen all relates to Deviser/Bacchus and the SCG factory. But it’s mustard.

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25 minutes ago, bubinga5 said:

That bloody GAS Andy.

Well it’s a bass I’ve been discussing with current owner for about two years...Sod’s law

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