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SOLD PLEASE DELETE: Protection Racket Classic Bass Gig Bag/Soft Case *£35*
Lewisham, South East London

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Selling my old and trusty Protection Racket Gig Bag, it is not the deluxe version, it's the classic one, now retails at around £100, i've had it for a lot of years, gigged and toured, and it has a few scars to show for that. Reason for sale is that i find it too bulky, has nothing to do with its functionality.

The scars i mentioned are some scratches on the front and back, pictured, the thread on one of the zippers had gone, just on the top, and i sewed it back with blue thread, has held ever since, this was over 3 years ago. In regards to actual protection this is basically a hardcase that doesn't weigh as much and that you can carry on your back. it does weigh a little, but that's because the construction is with soft padding (20mm, if i'm not mistaken) on both inside and outside and it has a frame made of polycarbonate. on the inside it also has what they call velvetex, so your guitar will n ot get any scratches. It has a neck support, fully adjustable, as well as a straps to keep the guitar in place so it does not dangle, i've never really had to use them unless i was travelling a lot. The handle has some wear and you can feel it but it's not a problem and with some needle and thread you can sort it and give it at least a few more years of wear.

There are 2 more scars that can't be seen and those are in the actual frame, and basically that broke on top and underneath, where the strap button would be, don't get me wrong, it does not affect the structural integrity of the case whatsoever, but instead of offering you a *insert generic case name* hardcase level protection, it now is somewhere around the Gator transit level protection, but with more padding.

I have never spilled anything inside or outside it, it is a bit grubby in places from usage, but it does not affect it's functionality.

I would prefer collection from Lewisham-Deptford area in London and price is negotiable, but no silly offers, even with all it's issues it still is miles above in regards to protection and durability any gig bag you would find at the £40 price mark.

You can find more details on it here: https://www.protectionracket.com/products/item/bass-guitar-case-std








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4 hours ago, alinbassplayer said:

Nobody? not even for £35? c'mon i'm open to offers, reasonable offers obviously :)

I've had one of these for years.  Great quality gear and very durable.  Highly recommended and a whopping bargain at 35 quid.


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@lemmywinks i am too surprised, how are people protecting their babies, surely not everyone can afford a mono ;)))

@JPJ I never tried a tbird, but it should be big enough, drop me some dimensions and i can check ;) end to end and body width

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On 23/08/2019 at 08:12, lowlandtrees said:

Will have this if you post!

Sorry bud, just saw this, unfortunately cannot post, no box for it, prefer collection, keeps costs low for everyone as well ;)

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On 21/08/2019 at 22:16, machinehead said:

I've had one of these for years.  Great quality gear and very durable.  Highly recommended and a whopping bargain at 35 quid.


The only thing I would change in what you wrote is my name....

I would have this but I have several spare cases already

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    • By Richard R
      A review of the Armourdillo Bass Defender bag.
      Bought from Daswons in the January sale.  My other gig bag (a cheap Ritter that came with my second-hand bass) has had to be repaired a couple of times in the past two years so I’ve been looking out for something to replace it. In particular I wanted something that would also protect my laptop and save me carrying a second bag for bits and pieces. The laptop’s worth four times what I paid for the bass, so having just a pocket on the outside of a thin gig bag isn’t ideal.

      First impressions:
      First impression – substantial, well padded, well made. Second impression – heavy! 3.1 kg on the luggage scales, the bass is 3.9.  After using it for a couple of weeks carting about mainly by car, here is a more considered opinion, photographs at the end. The bag is definitely well made, and well designed, but it might not suit everyone. 
      Guitar protection:
      My guitar is 35” scale and fits nicely as you can see in the photograph. A friend’s guitar with a more “Fender-esq” headstock was just too long. (I’ll measure the space when I can find the tape measure). The padding on the bottom end is nice and thick, as is the padding around the sides and the neck support. The lid on the guitar space is also well padded, so the instrument is well protected.
      Accessories space:
      The “accessories” space has three compartments, one for a laptop and two others, each zippered separately and with an outer zipped cover over all of them. The laptop space looks like it’s a standard component as it includes space for pens etc. My laptop is 13.5” and very thin, you might get a 14” laptop in, but definitely not a thick 15” machine. The extra padding isn’t massive, but it’s enough to protect a laptop against most bumps. A thin piece of ply would provide protection against more impacts, but as I largely drive to church and practice, I’m happy.
      The other two compartments are just single spaces with zippers. There’s enough space for bits and pieces (tuner, glasses case, leads). The depth is enough for a shallow stompbox (the photograph shows my home-made page turner), but the switches can be felt through the outer cover, so aren’t really protected against knocks. 
      The construction is good. The outer fabric is thick, and I think it will wear well. The zippers are large and again seem like good quality, if you wanted to, then the loops on the zipppers are large enough to padlock closed. The straps for the side handles are rivetted and sewn, and loop round the whole case, which is good design. You can see this in the photographs. The shoulder straps are well attached at the top, again rivetted and sewn, but it’s not possible to see how far down they are attached. The shoulder straps don’t completely detach, but they unclip at the bottom and can be tucked into a back pocket.  You can see how in the photograph. Whether this would be safe enough to allow the bag to as checked baggage on a flight I’m not sure of, but it’s definitely better than having the straps loose.
      Would I recommend this bag? Yes. It won’t suit everyone, and it’s probably overkill for what I need, but it does provide a lot of protection and space for accessories.  I paid just under £79 in the January sale from Dawsons, their standard price is £119.

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      I'm asking £15 for this please, I can't seem to edit the £35 on the ad! 
      Up for grabs is a Gator In Ear Monitoring Bag, more pictures and specs here. It's in very good condition, no rips or tears, the zips are all fine too. There are a couple of small holes in the foam that holds the unit in place where I removed the velcro that was holding my transmitter in place but it'll still hold a unit in place with some new velcro (not supplied). I've also had the strap cut down to be more of a carry handle, but this can be easily removed or replaced. This was a perfect fit for my LD MEI 1000 G2 in ear system. 
      £15 posted within the UK for this one please. 
      Or collection from Wellingborough with a fiver off for each. 

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      I have made a short video review of my Harvest Leather Bass Guitar Gig Bag. 
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      Now that I have fewer basses I only need one gig bag - so moving this on. Carefully looked after.
      More details here: https://monocreators.com/products/sleeve-bass-guitar-case-black 
      Price includes UK postage. 

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