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  1. Excellent thread this. Been looking for recommendations. I thought that Scott Whitleys YouTube stuff is the best teaching of anything anywhere. Like the look of SBL as well. Will certainly cast my eye over the others
  2. If I remember right ....I was under the direction of someone...I opened the ASIO settings and changed the buffering.
  3. Well if in the international violin shop don’t have it then it doesn’t exist
  4. The top (I think it is called) of the bass is really paper thin. Any amount of pressure on the f-holes will break the ends off. I know what you are saying and if it’s not recommended then I won’t touch it. I have gigged it and probably will again but I guard it with my life. I was hoping for something like a wax that may penetrate the finish...which is very thin and matt.... I maybe should not have polished it.....as I really don’t know what I’m doing
  5. my double bass is getting a bit tatty....which I quite like incidentally....but the colour is kinda faded....the pic below is just after I polished it so doesn’t look too bad. I was wondering (must be old guy lockdown mentality) if I could treat it with something that deepen the colour? That is without sanding it down to clean wood. It’s not a top drawer instrument but I like aspects of it. I have a 1901 Hawkes and when they are in the same room this guy looks like he could do with a spa day.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I loosened the truss rod by less than a quarter turn. Already a big difference as you said. Think I may have to slightly raise the action of the A string but problem solved. The intonation has also corrected. It was slightly flat .....spot on now without correction. I really like this bass even although the neck/fretboard is not the best...it sounds great and cost me £380 on BC. I took it into a shop and compared it to a few new and old fenders and other brands ...it sounded just as good and better than some. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the help. The MM truss rod is on the body close to the high end of the neck. I assume to loosen the truss rod it is turned anti clockwise? I also assume that you loosen the strings first?
  8. Thanks for the help. The MM truss rod is on the body close to the high end of the neck. I assume to loosen the truss rod it is turned anti clockwise? I also assume that you loosen the strings first?
  9. So loosen strings turn it anti clockwise? Sorry....tend to let my tech do all this stuff but obviously can’t at prez.....truss rod adjustment scares me a bit
  10. I play an MM SUB....love it but changed my strings to Elixir and now when I pluck a string there is a very audible snap/rattle of the string hitting the fretboard. The Elixirs are a lot less tension than the last ones (can’t remember brand). The A and E are worse than the D and G. Even playing close to the bridge the snap is there. Do I change strings to higher tension (I like the strings) raise the action, get used to them...play softer...use the noise as part of the sound (guitarist hates it)?
  11. I have used an Empress para eq for years and love it. It’s the only effect pedal that I use. I must admit that I have no idea what I am doing! I spent ages tweaking and now mainly adjust the middle range and boost to suit the room or band. Tend not to use it on double bass.
  12. Jamakazam. Loads of grief though. I could not have set it up myself. If you can deal with ASIO settings, buffers etc and will to put a couple of hours tweaking in then you should get it working. I would work in tandem with someone who sings and plays acoustic guitar and who knows also know what they are doing. It’s not perfect but it’s not bad.....slight latency and some clipping. We use audio only btw
  13. Got JamKazam set up.....a lot of buggering aboot (almost 2 hours) with ASIO settings and balancing on board and hardware volumes. Minor latency issues and some clipping with the bass but voice and acoustic guitar are ok. Possibly need a bit of compression on the bass (don’t have one) although you can load plug ins into the effects window. We are very happy so far with the overall sound (particularly through headphones) although there are only two of us. Supposed to be able to load 5 players in each session.
  14. Tried a couple of things....set up jamakazam but waiting for my musician buddy to recover from the virus....tried recording myself on the site..sounded sh&t....will keep you posted
  15. Anyone had any experience with this. My bands have stopped practicing for now so I thought about getting a webcam and try jamming over the webcam but I was assuming there might be a latency/lag issue? There used to be a website years ago that facilitated this using midi.
  16. Thanks ikay.....will have a go. I love the sound of this instrument. I (bit cheeky) took it into a music shop and compared it to some new US precisions and it held its own and more.
  17. Do you know if the poles are adjustable. One of the poles on my A string has dropped.below the pup cover
  18. I’ll go get ma sledge hammer.....I just measured the gap and it is around 5mm to the casing which is about right (4.8mm). The poles seem very uneven though. I have heard that the electronics on these US SUBs are very similar to the more expensive models. I love the sound of the guitar although the neck could be better.
  19. Sorry if this this is double post. I thought there was an existing thread(can’t find it). I have an MM SUB...bought from a BCer. I think that the poles on the pup have shifted. Does anyone know if it is possible to adjust them. I really like the instrument but there appears to be an unevenness (is that a word) about the tone quality and volume across the fretboard. The E is slightly higher in volume and I am aware that the G is a problem on many of these instruments. Using Elixir strings.
  20. Don’t have pics but seemed to my untrained eye in pretty good condition. I am looking at it because I want an instrument to play, not as as an investment but obviously don’t want it to lose value. Originally I was going for a USA deluxe (Swiss army knife syndrome) but after playing one I decided that my MM SUB sounded better so I am keeping that and going for a classic pBass.
  21. Was looking at a ‘76 USA precision. The owner said that a jazz pup had been fitted ‘after market’ I think was the expression he used. It was very reasonably priced at £1400. Would altering the instrument in this way affect the value or is this the correct price....I have seen them at a higher price on BC. I think that this was the build era that was a bit dubious in the Fender factory? The bass sounded great btw and if I can get the cash together I may buy it if it’s still unsold.
  22. I have a Hawkes Parnormo from 1901. It has a great tone, loud and deep but for an amateur like me virtually unplayable because of the action. It may have been set up like this but I have seen pics of similar instruments with ‘normal’ action. I am thinking of addressing this...had a new jazz fingerboard put on my other (German) bass and it improved it ten fold. My concern is a bit Shallow Hal! If I change the bass radically will it lower the monetary value of the instrument. I don’t intend to change the fingerboard as such...possibly change the bridge (If the sound quality can remain unaffected) or maybe put a wedge under the fb. I have a very good luthier called Bill Kelday who will do a good job but I don’t think that he could comment on the resale value....btw I have nil intention of selling....just something in the back of my mind
  23. Additionally our guitarist effectively used a tiny Roland combo 6 for these pub gigs. It has made me completely re think the whole concept of what gear you actually need and what gear you choose.
  24. Reviving this thread to report on my purchase. We did a very nice tour of Amsterdam plus additional gig in Newcastle....on public transport from Scotland. I ended up buying a Barefaced one10 after recommendations from BCers. It was an excellent choice. Very light and manageable to carry....we trammed/bussed/walked miles and miles without effort. We put an el bass pedal through the cab at the same time through my EA doubler. It easily filled large pub venues. Sound quality and projection excellent although I wouldn’t put it up against a loud drummer...we used a cajon/bass pedal. Highly recommended
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