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  1. Any folk out there know about drum stuff? I’ve had several pairs of these cheap drum brushes off evilbay….unfailingly they fall to bits within a month. I’m no drummer so don’t need a pro pair but what would be a half decent make?
  2. Looking at the instrument again…Im wondering if the wire that holds the tailpiece has unwound or stretched. I think that I could maybe gain 50mm by shortening it. Would this affect the tuning/intonation?
  3. I managed to remove the silks but still a problem if I change strings. Thanks…will look at these ideas…think I might be able to shorten (or replace)the wire holding the tailpiece. I did think about inserting spacers under the feet of the bridge but thought that this might mess with the sound? In saying that I guess the sound in small bodied bass comes from the connection between the bridge wood and the pick up? I use a K&K bassmaster. I have two other instruments…a three quarter and a full size but as get older I use the small bodied more and more. It’s so much easier to transport and tbh has a great sound. Tuning is a pain…I sometimes play with these guys who insist on tuning in 432 instead of 440…don’t ask.
  4. The bridge under my D string has been cut too low. Is there anyway of correcting this without affecting the tone and tuning? Background is that it’s a small bodied bass with a 42inch scale and a very low bridge. What this means is the the string windings lie on the bridge and make tuning difficult….I tried peeling them off one set but wasn’t great. Currently strung with innovation nylons. Action is very low already so nothing to play with. Anyway, the D string is lower than I prefer. Could I put a sleeve on it for example and place it on the bridge? Cutting a new bridge out of the question.
  5. I would definitely recommend a couple of face to face lessons with a good teacher. The technique for bowing is so subtle that even on-line lessons are limited IMO…. I say that as a mature (ok old git) that has taken up bowing after 10 years pizz. I found it very difficult to find a good teacher. In the end I had to contact various people for recommendations. My teacher is a retired classical pro….might be an idea to contact a nearby orchestra…being a pro musician is virtually impossible these days without supplementing their income with teaching.
  6. Had tickets for Brothers Moving in Glasgow but got the …… covid. Been a fan for years and …they never tour uk….ironically they tour Russia lots! Great bass as well Did anyone catch them yet?
  7. Just bought a lovely G&L Jazz from Paul (bigthumb). Very smooth transaction. Good communication and was wrapped well and dispatched quickly. Very happy
  8. I’m interested in this. I’m in Stirling. Is that a shipping transaction?
  9. Yes…I like the ACG but as you allude to…the filter pre takes up 85% of your brain to work out…I’ve had it 6 months and still fiddling. Don’t want to ditch it but fancy something simple.
  10. There’s a nice looking relic CV on eBay but it’s 1250. Seems overpriced but it sho is pretty
  11. That’s my intention…..incidentally I live in Falkirk…
  12. So they kinda disappear in the mix?
  13. Got some GAS for one of the above. Any advice? Seems that there are a few people taking Squier Classic Vibes and stripping them down and reselling at what appears to be 3 times the purchase price? What should I go for and how much should I pay? The most important bass thing for me up till the present has been sound (ACG owner)…but…I have been seduced by how damned beautiful this bass looks, particularly the relic butterscotch with black pick guard. However if someone tells me that they look better than they sound I’ll reconsider.
  14. If you can travel as far as Falkirk there’s a luthier called Ryan Gibson who is very good.
  15. Yes wood peg. I have a feeling that the should be left alone but am tempted to take them out. I think mybass is right (get someone else to do it) but just had a big bill for my other bass.
  16. I don’t think it’s a well built instrument.....can’t remember exactly but I think there was always noises here and there that could be addressed. This one appears to come from the tuning machines or pegs and it’s persistent. I’ve tried everything except disassemble the tuners....this might make it worse
  17. I have this old DB from the sixties(ish!). I love playing it. Had a new fb fitted...fast and slick. The current issue is the vibration noise coming from the tuning machines. I have tightened all the screws and bolts and packed the headstock with foam. Still vibrating noise. Looked into replacement (ouch). Anyone solved this problem? My other older (and better quality) bass is as stable as and ....not a peep. Should I dismantle and refit the tuning machines? Or accept that old basses can be noisy and if you don’t get creaks from one part you get them from another.
  18. I would like a look at this. I’m in Edinburgh tomorrow and can drop by during the day. Would it be possible to try it out through your amp?
  19. It’s a US made SUB from 2007 I think. Sounds great but not a great neck. I looked at the Status ones. They are also around £450+. Not sure about EB. I’m in no hurry, just happened to see someone selling a neck but maybe a little expensive.
  20. Could someone advise me on putting a new neck on my Musicman SUB. The neck that is available is quite expensive(£450) it’s from a Stingray. Don’t want to buy it and find it doesn’t fit or intonation is out or something else. I assume if it’s slightly big then a luthier could fit it. The bass in question is a back up (bought it on BC years ago). I still play and like it it but would like to upgrade the neck.
  21. Spent the last few days tweaking the JE pre. Starting to come good. Struggled with the E string, A was far too prominent but getting there and loving the tone. Feels good to make progress.
  22. I think sound is very high on the agenda for most bassists and I certainly am always looking for ways to improve it. It was one of my lockdown goals in fact, to move my sound forward. That’s the reason I went for this particular bass/pre combination. I first saw it on the Maruszczyk range. When you see the demo of someone who knows how to use the pre it’s very impressive and looks intuitive! I will persist and get to know it better...as I said, it’s a hidden art in itself. Thanks for all the feedback....now back to the bedroom noodling and tweaking.
  23. It’s very bright. Great for funky pop stuff etc. I was hoping to get warmer and rockier tone out of it as well. To be fair my amp / speaker combo is also quite bright..quilter bass block /Greenboy but tried it through my EA micro as well. Maybe asking too much or have to spend more time on it. Just put new Newtone strings on which I love. Maybe they need playing in a bit more.
  24. I have messaged ACG . He reckons it’s perseverance. It’s possibly a skill in itself
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