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Vigier Passion III 6 (until 31-Oct)
Aachen, Germany

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Vigier Passion III 6 (Bass, sixstring)

Type               Passion
Strings            6
Serial Number      011
Date               15. March 1991
Neck Wood          10/90 Carbon/Maple
Fingerboard        Phenowood Fingerboard™
Frets              21
Nut                zero fret
Neck construction  neck trough
Body               Maple
Weight             4,5kg
Surface            orange
Pickups            2 Benedetti singlecoil pickups
Electronic         passive, panorama, push/pull for on/off
Hardware           Kahler fixed bridge
Tuners             Schaller

Sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y3p9dgfsus27u1p/AAB59I_QpzTOmti7dhSTKaXQa?dl=0

new saddle (clear width spacing)
lack of original active electronics
including case
including original manual
including 2 additional original knobs
several repaired lacquer damages (Vigier's finish was not that great in the 90s)

Location: Aachen, Germany

Price: 1800€ (what I want to receice no regards to conversion rates or banking fees)
Shipping cost depends on destination
No trades.









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Just a couple of questions, please;

What's happened to the original electronics?

Why is there an Arpege manual pictured when it's a Passion S3 bass?

Thanks in advance!


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a) I really disliked the quirky mid sweep electronics. Unusable on stage as specific sounds are hardly reproducible on stage, sound differences and impact on volume could be horrible when accidentially moving some knobs. Furthermore it compresses dynamics, even with18V. There's a reason, why Vigier switched to normal electronics. I sold the board to a collector.
b) you're correct. This manual belongs to another bass I sold recently. Well, I think it doesn't hurt.

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Depends on your soldering skills. But I doubt there's any chance to purchase this quirky 20 years old electronics.
I simply don't understand the value of "original", if "original" did not stand the test of time. It was something that Vigier did for some time and then abandoned it for a reason.

But, hey, each one to his likes.

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An original is a sacred cow, no matter how much better the customized version is. Have seen this so many times.

Maybe a John East to a jazz can be almost accepted, because the preamp is worth that instrument...

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    • By marcblum
      Cort Curbow 6 (Bass, Sechssaiter)
      Luthite body
      curved Bartolini pickup
      Active electronics
      "deep" switch
      lightweight (4,2kg)
      location: Aachen, Germany
      price: 450€ (net, after currency conversion and banking fees)
      shipping cost depends on destination
      no trades

    • By Bassaio
      Weight: 3.7 kg!!!
      Mint Condition
      Original Case
      Shipping Worlwide (pm for costs)
      Superb Craftmanship and Sound
      Patrice Vigier pioneered graphite neck construction in the 1970s and 80s, and after much research and fine tuning Vigier moved away from the colder and brittle sounding solid graphite necks to a composite of 90% wood and 10% graphite - this yields the same strength and rigidity famed on graphite necked instruments bu..


    • By Cleanhead
      massive price drop: 5.600,- EUR to 4.990,- EUR / 4.480,- GBP
      open for offers
      a rose is a rose is a rose ... is just
      And this is one of the most incredible basses I ever had the chance to call it one of mine.
      Stuning, marvellous, an absolutely work of art.
      It´s is a Jerzy Drozd Mastery VI
      Absolutley no chips or dents, like brand new. Cause it is like brand new.
      But ...
      Long story short:
      I bought this bass last year in september from Jesus Rico from spain. Originally the bass was a fretless one with a natural color.
      Unfortunately sometimes later the truss rod broke.
      So there was no other possibility to sent the bass to master luthier Jerzy Drozd to repaire it.
      As you can see, this bass is a neck through version, so not only the fretboard has to be removed to fix the truss rod, after that, the bass had to be completely repainted.
      I´d decided to gave her a new color and turn it to a fretted version. Drozd suggested to chance the pickup to the newest version, too.
      So what do you see here right now, is an instrument that´s like a new one direct out of the workshop from Jerzy Drozd, but the woods are originaly assembled in 2005, the fretboard, fretwork, pickup and color are brand new.
      The entire repair costs were: 2.798,- EUR (bills available)
      Why do I sell her right now.
      I own three Ritter basses, a sixer and two fivers. When the Drozd came back from repair I put my Ritter´s beside and played the Drozd for a while - only at home, no band pratice, no gig -, than I take my Ritter 6 String Classic and after seconds one thing was abolutly clear. The Ritter still the bass for me, in every aspect. The Drozd will allways be like a back up, it´ll be never played on stage or in a band, I´ll allways take my Ritter. And last but not least I am not a collector. That´s it.
      Some specs at least:
      originaly from 27.09.2005 completly refurbished between Dez. 2018 - Mai 2019 Etimoe (a kind of mahogany) body wings laminated maple neck through body design (2 carbon extra reinforcement bars) birdseye burl maple top with matching head stock extended 32 frets maple board brass nut special custom body design Aguilar obp3, 18 volts preamp Custom Jerzy Drozd JEDX humbucker with maple wood cover Recessed wood knobs weight: 4,3kg on the bathroom scale Original Jerzy Drozd case Price: 5.600,- EUR / 5.010,- GBP (negotiable) 4.990,- EUR / 4.480,- GBP
      open for your offer
      location: Mainz, germany
      and here, a short snippet. Recorded quick and dirty. Bass direct into a Scarlett Solo. Recorded with GarageBand. No EQ or anything else.
      On the bass: Treble half way down, Middle and Bass half up.
      Quick and dirty
      And one more: Direct into the Scarlett Solo, too. Recorded with GarageBand, no EQ-ing or something else.
      At the end of the clip you can hear the strings played separately
      50 ways
      trade option: Mike Lull 5 string basses, a nice P-Bass, Glockenklang Blue Sky, Mesa Boogie Walkabout
      sorry for my bad english

    • By marcblum
      Whatever may happen to currency exchange rate within the next days and weeks:
      if you send me 2,200€ and take shipping costs, I'm your man.
      This bass has a mean growl to it. Intonation is great and chords play easy and sound clear, transparent and without mud. B-string has same volume as E- or A-string, lively harmonics and usable notes even in higher positions.
      Open pores and oiling make for great haptics.
      Weight is massive: 5,7kg
      Electronics work passive and active
      Bass has been played, but not much usage the last years. I did some oiling and adjustments.
      neck at saddel: 52,45mm
      neck at 12. fret: 73,35mm
      width at bridge (H core to c core): 84,10mm
      neck thickness ca. 22mm
      neck form factor: flat C, not yet D   
      Location: Aachen / Aken / Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany
      price (26-Feb-19): 2200 EUR (approx 1900 GBP), plus shipping costs
      Manufacturer data sheet
        Bass               Thumb Bass NT 6 string
        Serial Number      B 214 90
        Year               1990
        Month              February
        Number             214
        Neck Wood          Wenge with Bubinga
        Fingerboard        Wenge, Mother of Dot inlays
        Frets              Bronce Warwick Frets  
        Nut                Just a Nut Brass version
        Neck construction  continuous "Hiddenneck" neck connection
        Body               3 piece massive Bubinga body
        Surface            Beeswax finish
        Pickups            2 passive Bartolini Humbuckers
        Electronic         active MEC 2 band electronics
        Hardware           Schaller Black Hardware, Warwick specific
        Made in Germany / 91330 Eggolsheim

    • By wright/watt
      With regret I am selling this stunning 1988 Vigier Passion in a beautiful greenburst finish (quite rare) which i picked up on this forum in April of last year from Maut, thanks Niels.
      Why am i selling? I also have a series 111 Passion bass (Yes very lucky)
      Rare chance to own a beautiful graphite necked Vigier..They don't come up very often as owners (rightly so,reluctantly sell) This bass dates back to 1988..
      The bass has a few dings and cracks in the laquer (very common in older Vigiers) Checking on headstock by the V..See pictures.but overall,very good condition for a 31 year old bass!! The Carbon neck is in pristine condition though  😎 so no dead spots..imense sustain.ringing harmonics..and the frets are in very good condition..and best of all no truss rod..neck totally straight..
      I had to change the Schaller 3D bridge as the original saddle rollers were seized and no amount of grease or heat could make them budge..So an £80 upgrade there and also £75 on new Schaller M4 tuners in Black and gold..Black no longer available!! They look the business
      The bass has such a slim and fast neck, which is a true joy to play..and the bass sounds truly fantastic.
      2 Benedetti single coil pickups.I frequency switch.cut/neutral/boost.1 pickup toggle switch.1 volume knob,1 tone knob,1 parametric frequency knob.All very usable and can create a myriad of sounds..
      Bass will come with hard case..(brand new)Happy to ship or you can arrange courier..Will be well packed.Happy for you to see and tryout near Edinburgh..
      Not looking for trades sorry.
      Any questions please pm me.

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