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SOLD Vigier Passion III 6
Aachen, Germany

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Vigier Passion III 6 (Bass, sixstring)

with original electronics
new saddle (clear width spacing)

Type Passion
Strings 6
Serial Number 011
Date 15. March 1991
Neck Wood 10/90 Carbon/Maple
Fingerboard Phenowood Fingerboard™
Frets 21
Nut zero fret
Neck construction neck trough
Body Maple
Weight 4,5kg
Surface orange
Pickups 2 Benedetti singlecoil pickups
Electronics: active, 18V, panorama, volume, mid notch/boost toggle, mid frequency
Tuners Schaller

Sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y3p9dgfsus27u1p/AAB59I_QpzTOmti7dhSTKaXQa?dl=0

including case
several repaired lacquer damages (Vigier's finish was not that great in the 90s)

Location: Aachen, Germany
Price: 1800€
Shipping cost depends on destination

No trades.









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Just a couple of questions, please;

What's happened to the original electronics?

Why is there an Arpege manual pictured when it's a Passion S3 bass?

Thanks in advance!


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a) I really disliked the quirky mid sweep electronics. Unusable on stage as specific sounds are hardly reproducible on stage, sound differences and impact on volume could be horrible when accidentially moving some knobs. Furthermore it compresses dynamics, even with18V. There's a reason, why Vigier switched to normal electronics. I sold the board to a collector.
b) you're correct. This manual belongs to another bass I sold recently. Well, I think it doesn't hurt.

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Depends on your soldering skills. But I doubt there's any chance to purchase this quirky 20 years old electronics.
I simply don't understand the value of "original", if "original" did not stand the test of time. It was something that Vigier did for some time and then abandoned it for a reason.

But, hey, each one to his likes.

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An original is a sacred cow, no matter how much better the customized version is. Have seen this so many times.

Maybe a John East to a jazz can be almost accepted, because the preamp is worth that instrument...

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Benedetti pickups and Glockenklang are working very well together. The John East is not for these pickups, you'll lose the huge dynamics and articulation of these terrific single coil pickups.

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On 15/09/2019 at 16:43, itu said:

An original is a sacred cow, no matter how much better the customized version is. Have seen this so many times.

Maybe a John East to a jazz can be almost accepted, because the preamp is worth that instrument...

I place great value in the original article. Vigier have always been known for their great (and unique) electronics. There could be many good reasons as to why a builder may stop fitting a certain type of preamp, none of which would suggest a simpler setup was better or that the 'old' preamp was inferior. 

It's a shame for that original electronics are gone as I would have probably been reaching for my wallet if they were, as it is quite stunning to look at and a Vigier has long been on my list. 

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13 minutes ago, Chris2112 said:

Vigier have always been known for their great (and unique) electronics. There could be many good reasons as to why a builder may stop fitting a certain type of preamp...

I do understand your worry - and I have two series II Passions in original condition. The other is for sale here...

Evolution is the key to different product families and solutions, I think. Honorable Patrice Vigier has produced quite many models during the years. I find that interesting, as he seems to challenge himself with any design and produces something evolutive again and again. NT, bolt-on, semiparametric, delta metal, Nautilus, 10/90... just name it and he has it. Even light weight when it was not yet so popular.

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      Width of neck at nut: 46mm / 1.81"
      Width of neck at last fret: 73,7mm / 2.9"
      Depth of neck at first fret: 20,5mm / .81"
      Depth of neck at 12th fret: 24mm / .94"
      String spacing at nut: 38mm / 1.50"
      String spacing at bridge: 72mm / 2.89"
      Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble: 2.0mm / .079"
      Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass: 2.7mm / 0.11"
      Type of nut: Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology
      Fingerboard Wood: Maple
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      Inlay: Dots
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      Machine heads brand name: Schaller custom
      Bridge brand name: Vigier quick release with a brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place. It is Chrome finished.
      Pickup brand name: Vigier
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      Switch: Balance
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      I had to sneak into our 1st gig round the back door and played behind the drummer... I was 11 years old.
      The other guys told the promoter I had dwarfism.. I feces you not.

      The 70's ended and I could actually play a bit better, and had Larry graham and Boosty fever, then Mark King came along and the Bass Centre in Wapping... what could go wrong!
      The 80's were a weird time, I wore chinos, braces and a tie to rehearsals..5 years before that it was leathers and a red mohawk.
      It was the summer of 82, and brought my 1st real 4 string.. A Red Vigier Passion serial 002.
      SH from Coda music for about £500 iirc [deal of the decade] Slapped the actual feces out of the 80's..... and then...

      The 90's happened, and things went from baggy to grunge and i swapped, yes swapped the Beautiful Vigier Passion for........
      A beat up Hofner a SH Gibson LP mk1 and a 1975 Orange super bass with matching 4x12 [deal of the decade 2]

      P-Funk, Nirvana and Ledzep ahoy!
      Start your own recording studio Ahoy!

      Bands and music! ROCK AND ROLL! and right on cue - I lost my mind.

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      Some real  life feces happened and I ended up on skid row playing percussion on a 1999 Hamerlin wheel barrow for money...

      Its now 4 kids and 30 odd  years later I still have the 92 Gibson and the 63 Hof, and I decided that playing the bass was way better than not.
      So I got match fit and began to play in bands with drums again last year.

      All the time thinking of the beautiful Vigier.....The gibbo is good, but she is no lady.
      Joined Bass chat 2018 spent a ton of money on pedals...
      All the time thinking of the beautiful Vigier... some real beauties came up, all too pricey, all too graphity or new and none red enough... 😞
      Then miracle of miracles! 
      needless to say, i was skint... but as luck would have it my very great friend who is richer than I [and wearing the hat in picture 2] became my saviour.
      And now after driving for hours in the wind and rain, braving the plague-19..
      I am the very proud and smiley owner of Red Vigier Arpege 126...and original case, one owner from new a Mr Theo Scipio [google him]
      Gaze upon her! ..................... Gaaaaaaaaaaaze! ♥️♥️

      Simply Glorious..
      After looking for 2 years, I brought an epic bass from an epic dude.
    • By barrabass
      For sale my Vigier Passion lll built in 1996.
      It's a spectacular bass, the best bass I've ever had.
      It is in good condition, some small touch without importance.
      Shipping costs to the buyer's account

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