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SWR SM-900 (Pre-Fender) **£279**
West Sussex

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Up for grabs here is my SWR SM900 (pre-Fender). I bought this as a one off gamble as I'm a huge fan of the SWR sound and I was most pleasantly surprised by it. It's currently set for a 110v output but I will include the external power transformer so your potential new acquisition isn't suddenly moonlighting as a popcorn machine. I can also include the rack case I bought for it (stripped off it's gawky carpet finish with the intention of retolexing it to match a creme Fender Vibro-King combo the guitartist in a band I play with has. The words of Louis Balfour would say "niiiiiiice..."). Precarious financial situation at present is forcing this (exceptionally) reluctant sale. 

I'm based out of West Sussex and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)

SM900- 2.jpg

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On 02/08/2019 at 21:38, bassaussie said:

It's insane to think that an amp of this quality is going for that price.  SWR amps from this period are about as good as it gets.

I hankered after one of these for years, but I just can't justify a head, since I am mostly moving by push bike these days - the MB112 does the job.
There will come days when i regret this, I am sure...

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I've had the pleasure of playing through this amp and it's really very good.. 

Having owned some Class A/B amps such as Eden and Thunderfunk over the years that have similarities to this - particularly in the parametric eq department - I'd say this is right up there with the best of them! 

First off, it's phenomenally loud and has a real 'kick' or 'thump' to it that is very satisfying to feel when playing - especially with a 5 string bass that has a low B string.. 

Secondly, the eq is brilliant - pin point accuracy across 2 separate eq channels that really does allow you to dial in a wide array of tones.. 

And lastly, I think another of its great strengths is that the amp is very transparent ; it doesn't cover or mask the sound of your bass - it just deepens and broadens it.

The downside of all that perhaps is that this amp doesn't sound as sweet straight out of the box as an Eden World Tour series head does for example, but once you start using the eq and other tone shaping features on this amp, it more than makes up for that.. 

To borrow a phrase often used when describing Hi-fi amps, I think the soundstage with this amp is far better than the Edens I've owned and its better than a Thunderfunk TF550 I had briefly too.. But also, I think this has more in the eq department than both those amps.. 

If I didn't already have an Ampeg valve amp, a Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 600, and a Hartke HA5500, then I would definitely have made an offer on this by now. 

Anyway, GLWTS with the sale of this amp@ChunkyMunky  - it's a real beauty! 😊

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I really don't need this amp, but I'm still a little bit tempted! Always fancied one and a great price...

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IMO this is up there with the other truly classic game-changing amps such as the SVT, Trace AH, and Eden WT. One of the greatest.

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