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  1. I know, "indie" a bendable term - I'd love to support those shops that are seriously struggling right now because they don't get the footfall. Other than that, Andertons is fine, although they don't have the GHS. GAK have pdeal steel GHS but not for bass, that made my day 🙂 Does not have to be GHS, but the BC folks seem to agree that they are the best compromise between flats and rounds for a fretless, and I am re-assmbling my Fender J right now... Anyway - thanks for your reply! Hanry
  2. Hello folks, I have a need for bass strings, preferably GHS half-wounds, and I really don't want to buy them from the Bezos Empire. Thomann is reported to be ok with stock items, but not exactly a local shoppe 😉 On the other hand I had bad experiences recently with (non-music related) items bought from shops that claim that it's all going well, and then not shipping for three weeks. Can you recommend any independent UK music shops that stock a good range of strings and are proven to ship quickly right now? Many thanks! Hanry
  3. Damn, that looks tasty - I am saving on an HX Effects since that seems to make people happy here... but to be honest, most of what I want is the control for octave sounds, and Walrus have done beautifully... I shall go into the music room and meditate! Just to check - PSU comes with it? Thanks, Hanry
  4. Oh yes there are... but I don't have that kind of change lying around, so I'll keep honking on my Hohner paddle... Good luck!
  5. Andre, this is a beautiful looking and beautifully sounding bass. Congratulations! Your tuners look very sleek, too. I was particularly interested in the Nova string holder at the end of the neck, since it seems useful for retrofitting to headless conversion projects (do people do that? Well, it's on my wishlist for one of my basses, I can not abide headstocks...). Do the string ends stick out there or can they be tucked out of harms way? Cheers, Hanry
  6. Wow, that is a cool look, I may steal that for when I finally build a guitar!
  7. Thanks, I had heard of frankencasters but not barncasters. Looks gorgeous! They bring to mind the days long past when LeFay bought the floors from a disused dancehall that had been a social hot spot for generations... they used selected boards for bodies of their bases and called the wood "properly pre-grooved" - ever since I have been hoping to find a disused Victorian dancehall I can take some floor boards from!
  8. Only a small transaction, I bought a book off Ed and it came swiftly, well packaged, and all is good - thank you Ed!
  9. Sorry, I think I am being dense - a cable with connectors atached is £2 per meter, but straight off the roll is it £2.50 per meter?
  10. I could do with some cable, I am negotiating budget with the treasury tonight 😉 Can't help noticing that your LLX price on your website is cheaper than the one you advertised here - is that intentional? 🙂
  11. The engineer side of me is twitching because of the angled tuner pegs kinking the strings ever so slightly - but the bit that is bassist and appreciator of all things beautiful swings a wooden mallet to keep it quiet 😉 That is, by miles, the most atractive headstock I have seen on a bass... ever! I still prefer headless above all else, but if I ever build a bass with a headstock, I'll steal that idea! Enjoy the break, and may you find playing as enjoyable as I found following the build!
  12. No, frankly, it isn't. It's porn, is what it is... *drools*
  13. ...as for the airport scanners, just rotating it by 90 degrees should do the trick? 😉
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