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  1. Thank you Sam, It's a shame my time is always short to build it.
  2. Hi Les, good to see you here too
  3. I took the idea from this video:
  4. More progress on the neck:
  5. Thank you Geek99, I have to improve my english
  6. Hi guys, I'm new here and I only build 2 basses, this is my third bass and it is a headless bass to show the bridges I'm producing here in Brazil, so I hope you like it. The design is not mine, my friend Samuel Martins, from S.Martyn basses loaned me his design. Here are the specifications: - Body: Cedar - Top: Champaca - Black veneer between body and top - Neck: Marfin, Louro Faia and Purple heart in the middle - Escale: Brauna (34") - Pick-ups: G&B Alnico V, Jazz Bass Style - Bridge: Nova Headless bridge (Nova Guitar Parts)
  7. I'm building a bass to show my bridge, is it appropriate to create a thread here to show it?
  8. Thank you very much for the compliment guys, if you have any questions about the bridge just ask me ... I'm excited to see you building beautiful basses
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