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  1. I use to do it in a laser machine, then I use a saw to open the slot
  2. Well deserved Andy, congratulations!
  3. Wow, amazing Andy, congratulations!
  4. It is very good to know, thank you for the feedback.
  5. Thanks Andy! The fretboard is a wood called "Brauna"
  6. I love this jig Andy, I use one similar to this that I built.
  7. That's great Andy, I was thinking to change to 7 mm, but it is too much, 6.50 mm is perfect, thank you so much for your effort. Andre.
  8. That's weird, but thanks anyway, now I can enlarge the hole
  9. Got it Andy, by the way, can you measure this ball end, so I can modify my part here?
  10. That's great Andy, thank for your tests and feedback, I tested here with Daddario's and worked fine, but I have never tested with a lot of different string brands and your test helps me a lot. Andre.
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