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NAD : An all tube mini rig for the house

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Been thinking about a compact low wattage/valvey set up for home practice for a while.  Two things happened over the last fortnight that turned it into a reality :  Local dealer dropped the new price on the Ampeg PF20-T and then these two Ashdown cabs came up for sale 2nd hand just along the road from someone who it turns out is a friend of a friend.     The cabs are RM110's but they've had Ashdown CL/AAA red grilles added which I think makes them look pretty classy.  In fact it's pretty enough that I'm allowed to keep it in the dining room and don't have to relegate it to the spare room!

Sounds-wise is really lovely and warm - especially with my flatwound loaded P with the tone nearly all the way off.     Perfect output and volume for home practice as I can get the tone without waking the neighbourhood.

I'm a happy bunny.


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Very nice! I almost snapped up those cabs a few weeks ago when Andy was selling me his Ashdown LB30, luckily for you (and for my wallet and marriage!) I didn’t :)

Great little rig, love it :)

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Andy is his name, not sandy 😂
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