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SOLD - FS/FT 1974 Fender Precision - Olympic White - Now £1900

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1974 Fender Precision - Olympic White

All original

Weight: 8 1/2 lbs

Case: Original case (but rather battered now!)

This bass was sold by Andy Baxter some time ago and eventually made it's way to me via bass chat. Here is the AB listing on his website sold items: http://www.andybaxterbass.com/details.php?id=559 - there are plenty of "guts" photos on here for provenance, and Andy confirmed it was a 74 and was the same bass when I contacted him.

It's a really good example of an early/mid 70's Precision in the desirable Olympic White (which has gone a really nice custard colour)

There is a lot of roadwear - notably at the bottom and on the back, and the scratch plate has cracked by the jack socket but is glued and stable. The knobs are original and have de-chromed quite a bit on the top. Electronically it is in fine condition, and sounds exactly how you expect an early/mid 70's P to sound with a lot of upper-bass and low-mid thump. It's a bit hotter output compared to my 64. It has flats on it at the moment. Fret condition is good - plenty left in them and it's set up for a low/medium action (around 2mm E down to 1.5mm G) Neck adjusts properly so truss rod is fine. 

Ideally, I'd like a trade for a high end 4 string fretless. As it's a vintage and the case is not so good these days, I would also prefer a meet up - especially for a trade. I'm happy to travel a good distance as I'm out and about with work a lot - NE/NW/Mids/East/London - pretty much anywhere as long as it's not the SW or Scotland as they are a bit too far! Sorry, but no sales outside of the UK - I don't want to post this overseas.


















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On 05/10/2018 at 23:49, drlargepants said:

Get behind thee Satan 😉


Some nice P-basses knocking about...........


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Open to offers, happy to travel to deliver.. can’t get insurance for international postage for some reason so that’s out.. but U.K. is fine. 

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Just thought I'd add - happy to consider fretted trades, but needs to be less value so trade + cash for it (quite flexible on how much though)

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My dream Precision, time to put a couple of basses up for sale (again :$).


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