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Hello from Françe

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Hello , (sorry for my english )
I'm lefty bass player from France ,
I began in the bass in left handed in 2005 (following an accident, I was right-handed before)
I play reggae music and other styles .
I have 4 bass,
2Alembic (serie 1 and SC Standart )
Steinberger XL-2 88's
and a Leduc U-Bass fretless .
I have 2 amps .
1 Aguilar DB728 and DB 680 , SWR Marcus Miller Preamp , Alembic FX-1 preamp , SWR 750 power amp
and SWR "cabinet " (Big Ben , Goliath 3 , Goliath JR , Son Of Bertha ) and a EBS classic 60 combo.
My favorite bass players is :
[b]Stanley Clarke ,Robbie Shakespeare and Aston "Familyman" Barret .[/b]
( i use a translator )

I would try to participate in the discution forum.
Even if I do not speak good English.
, Thanks for reading and very soon

a little photo .

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bonjour bigyouth,

Welcome to basschat

I'm left handed, and I play right handed!
And there are several of us who do this.....
It's not particularly common,
but I do know other musicians who are right handed, but play left (including my lodger, who plays guitar & sings)

Nice bass collection you have there

Enjoy the forum
No-one will judge you on your English
Because it's bound to be better than most of our French :)


PS. Je Suis un Gallois ;)

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Hey BigYouth, good to see you here on this forum. May I also add that Big Youth is also a member of a Stanley Clarke tribute band called School Days :-)

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