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Trace TAB100 acoustic bass combo now £100


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Any interest at £150?

You don't see many of these around, as a result, I am not sure what they go for,

Designed for double bass - two channels with separate EQ plus graphic and notch (feedback) filter. Barely used really. Piezo friendly input impedance.
Pre and post eq DI outs
100 Watts, 15" speaker.

The white mark on the back is a little paint from being against the wall.

Location is Lancashire (Bolton) and in the first instance I'd rather not post - it's a little heavy and I do not have a suitable box.






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price drop
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Possibly - it has been there as well. It's here mainly as it is aimed at double bass players. It's a bit of a niche amp, and technology has moved on with even upright players now classing 100W as a practice amp...

It's now on ebay as well. As you can tell I have not been in a hurry to sell it :-)

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Yes, if it's an amp designed for use with DB - this is probably the right section for it
Never seen one of these - just wish I was a bit closer, so I could pop along & try it
But Cardiff - Bolton to try an amp is a bit far lol

Anyhow, GLWTS
Just realised, it's been for sale a while. I can tell you're not in a huge rush :)

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It's a 15. and I still have the instructions!

With modern high power amps and small, light but potent speaker cabs it's not going to compete for out and out volume - would be great for a quieter player.


I'll try to either find and reinstate the pics, or take some more.

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2 hours ago, Jezyorkshire said:

15inch speaker is useless for double bass, i would stick it for sale in amp section?

Personally, I have tried 15" speakers with DB and I couldn't get on with them
But of course, we all have our own tastes / methods / sound we want to achieve
If this is an amp designed for acoustic instruments - then maybe in this instance, the 15" speaker will work well with DB?
I don't think it's easy to say the above - in general terms Jezyorkshire - I would agree, but this might be the exception....

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I never played or even saw one of these .. but Trace used to have a very high reputation for acoustic instrument amplification, acoustic guitarists who couldn't quite afford AER used to love them; I think Trace knew their stuff.  Plus 100 "trace" W is probably a lot louder than anyone else's 200W.  

'tis true, my trace 1215 combo with its 15" speaker was horrible with the double bass, but it wasn't really designed for it!

For all the build quality and loundness, Trace size and weight is always an issue of course.  How much does this one weigh?

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  • cattytown changed the title to Trace TAB100 acoustic bass combo now £100

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