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  1. Any nut will be okay but you'll probably find that it's too wide and the string slots don't go deep enough or the nut is too tall but it will work okay. You can sand it down to the correct width yourself and deepen the string slots if required. If you get a luthier to fit it, he/she will use a blank (i.e. one with no string slots), cut it to size and file in some string slots of the right depth for you.
  2. I would like to buy a set of dual coil soapbar bass pickups in EMG 45 size to fit my Yamaha TRB5Pii or EMG 40 will be fine, too. I'm not entirely sure what I want so all good quality brands and models will be considered. If you have anything that fits the bill, please message me. Thanks, Ryan
  3. Hi all Does anyone have a Yamaha trb 5 p ii for sale or know anyone who does? I'd like to try before I buy just to ensure that there are no deadspots if possible Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Did you sell this recently? I search this forum often just in case one of these pops up. It would be annoying to learn that you've had this available for almost a year! Congrats on the sale either way
  5. Have you sold this case yet? I've been meaning to buy a new case for a while so I will probably buy it pretty soon if it is. Thanks, Ryan
  6. Shouldn't this should be in the amps section? Maybe if you move this thread you'll get more interest
  7. I go for a pretty straight neck, low action and a set of light top/medium bottom strings. I use D'addario XLs. There's a lot of technique involved though. I realised that I'd not been pressing hard enough with my left hand to stop the lateral movement of the string and I was putting the action too high to compensate for that. I have high action and medium strings all the way down on my own bass and you can slap fine as long as you keep the string still with the left hand
  8. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1448958670' post='2919485'] People are too loud! It's funny how a lot of bassists don't really get just how far bass travels and just how swampy it can make everything sound if it's too loud. I sigh with dispair when people say stuff like "I need a minimum 2x12 cab and a 500w amp". You only need that sort of power for PA! Brands have been conning us for years saying that we need tonnes of power and super bassy cabs. We really don't! Anything under 100hz is mud. Once you cut those frequencies out of your life, you realise that you don't need massive cabs and you don't need loads of power. I use a 100w 1x12 combo which is enough for pubs and clubs and previously I used an 80w 1x10 combo for about 18 months with no volume issues at all. If I did need to be louder I would simply DI from the combo to the PA. OP - Thank you for sharing your revelation! [/quote] Brilliant post! I use a single Phil Jones C4. I thought it wasn't powerful enough for pub gigs until I sat in the audience and realised it was simply because the sound towards the player. Everything reacts differently when comparing a band and bedroom environment. I would say if you think you have a nice bass sound in your house, then add lots of mids and a bit of treble, and then reduce the bass considerably to adapt the sound for the stage.
  9. I had a Planet Waves cable with compression springs and it broke. I emailed them to call in on their two-year warranty. They asked for a picture of the cable and when I sent it they gave me a new cable. A better one than the one they sold me (a better product, not just one that wasn't broken). I was surprised by the trust shown by the customer service and also their apologetic staff.
  10. Probably won't hurt. Chord charts, paired with theory are important. Bass players, particularly in jazz are expected to read chord charts and solo, that's about it I think. . I find it helps to know which chord is the root etc. so that you can find your way in the chord chart when you get lost. Also, get an app called fakebook on android or iPhone. They're superb, loads of chord charts. Maybe more than all of the real books. The more conventional the jazz, the less music you'll have to read. At Least that's what I've found
  11. I do it. It will provide invaluable experience to your playing. I gained lots of awareness. I learned to listen to everyone else and fit in. The other thing I learnt is how to read chord charts and start impromptu jams. There's lots of crap aswell. You'll end up playing with sh*t people in a sh*t song for way to long because no-one can end a song. That happens to me loads, still. Definately worthwhile. The rate at which you learn will slow down after six months or so but you'll learn loads
  12. Glad you sold this in the end. I already have the same guitar but I was thinking of converting it into a fretless if no-one wanted it.
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