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  1. Hello Jez did you get the pickup sorted?
  2. Well done Jez looking good not to sure about superglue with wood had some change colour when glueing
  3. Thanks Owen I didn't mean to compete!
  4. Thanks Andy it took a lot of fiddling to get it all finished. I think in future I'll start from scratch. Nice to see what your doing to the Vox. Out of interest what are you using to finish your projects with at the moment? Finally hope to see you again at a SW Bass Bash, here's hoping.
  5. Hi yes 52 years but I have done all the current rebuild this year 2020 I mean
  6. Back in 1969 I used always to fancy a Gibson EB3 but could never afford one I also liked Les Pauls but they didn't make a bass version. So I thought I'd have a go at making my own, also at the time a 5 string bass came to mind, I think only Fender were doing one. The result was a trip to the school woodwork department and scrounge some wood. The result was the one on the left. Anyway 52 years later after the initial bass was unplayable I thought I'd rebuild it how I wanted it to be in the first place and the result is in the next picture. This time it's a 4 string with 3 different pickup options Magnetic, Piezo and Roland Hex system. Having just sprayed it with clear finish I might have to do it again when the weather gets warmer. It's useable in the mean time.
  7. Damp cloth and hot soldering iron tip. Cloth over ding then work the hot iron over it should raise the grain have got rid of dings in fingerboards doing this.
  8. Well done Andy glad to se your keeping busy.
  9. Thanks Andy I'll tentatively had a go and see what happens
  10. Thanks to both of you for your replies, I think you might be right Andy, ikay the hole is very small on back of the saddle so could be tricky. I'll keep thinking about it. Andy hope to see you at the South west bass bash later in the year if it happens. Thanks again both Derrey
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