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  1. What's new and interesting?

    The new Retro B model from Alan at ACG perhaps? http://www.acguitars.co.uk/retrob-basses/
  2. Mature bass player (50s), professional gear, living in the Glasgow area until April 2018 seeks musical recreation opportunities i.e. songwriting/jamming/recording. I was recently in a gigging originals rock/prog band - I'm not overly keen on playing covers though for a short term fun thing it's better than not playing. I write songs, play some keyboards and reed instruments, and read music. Musical interests range from rock to classical and musical theatre, not including Country & Western nor Britpop. I have access to recording equipment as well. Willing to travel Ayr/Paisley/Glasgow for rehearsals, but it probably won't suit me to rehearse on the same night every week. Previously http://www.soundcloud.com/darkskyband and personal stuff (including BassChat Composition Challenge entries) http://www.soundcloud.com/torturedsaints cheers Ralph
  3. Am Dram, Big Band and other reading gigs!

    I haven't (well, not on bass anyway). However, this [url="https://www.reddit.com/r/MusicalTheatreScores/"]https://www.reddit.com/r/MusicalTheatreScores/[/url] is a great resource and has made a great difference to my sight-reading. I've spent quite a few hours recently playing along to cast recordings. Yesterday I went back to some other music books and instead of my eyes straying to the tab lines, they stayed fixed on the notation. I've always been a confident sight reader in treble clef for the clarinet/sax, but doing this was just the ticket for improving my bass clef sight-reading and not looking at fret markers/fingering while playing.
  4. ACG Finn 5 Custom - Trade options added

    Outrageously cheap. GLWTS. Sorry I'm not in a buying position - as I don't play with a band any more, I can't justify the number of basses I have at the moment. I love my Finn 4. Could I suggest you change your car instead rather than sell your bass? :-)
  5. October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    A very difficult choice. Kudos to all.
  6. August Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Yes I know Douglas, and have done so on a number of occasions . . . let's just say that circumstances are not conducive to spending time writing music right now. Although I suppose it's a bit like falling off a horse (yes, done that as well on a similar number of occasions) and the longer I leave it, the more difficult it is to get back in to it.
  7. August Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    If I'd voted on time, it wouldn't have changed the results. The consistently high standard makes me envious (in a nice way of course). Well done all.
  8. Roger Waters' new record...

    [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1499697630' post='3332986'] Nothing's changed has it?!!? [/quote] +1. I've listened to the samples of all the tracks and reluctantly agree. More RW angst and rage against the machine (not the band lol).
  9. Basschatters' Soundcloud accounts

    Mine: [url="https://soundcloud.com/torturedsaints/"]https://soundcloud.com/torturedsaints/[/url] and a new Alto Sax instrumental piece up today, called 'Lenny H'. Nothing at all to do with Kenny G honest . . .
  10. Vanderkley are better than Barefaced cabs, right?!

    I'd be annoyed with a band member sitting on any cab!
  11. ACG Finn 5 Custom - Trade options added

    [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1499378516' post='3331234'] Oh stop tempting us all Or rather- someone buy this [/quote] +1
  12. The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa

    Thanks for posting! Many happy hours spent playing his marches in my formative years with a symphonic/marching band Some cracking themes and counterpoint/descant parts. Not always easy to play.
  13. June Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Voted. Great photo and great compositions.
  14. FS/FT: Chapman Stick - SOLD

    I see you've posted it on stickist.com as well, however you might want to think about putting your location (UK) in the title of your listing there as it's quite a US-centric website and it may well attract more interest that way. GLWTS
  15. June Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    [quote name='Mornats' timestamp='1496332866' post='3310638'] Oh great pic! [/quote] +2 An interesting 'prepared piano'! Half the keys missing and strings damped with plaster.