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  1. Probably my favourite bass.... It does it all......
  2. I've had a few over the years and have sold some beauts to pay bills in the real world etc! Of my modest collection now.... that includes a fender P, music man stingray 5, sandberg basic 5.... My go to bass, for several years now is my Ibanez ATK... Very versatile, does the job regardless of venues with shite acoustics....(it's very adjustable on the fly) 🙂
  3. Update on Embassy: So with the E & A saddles reversed, the D & G had to go forward anyway.. perfect intonation has been achieved! It feels great and very playable... My strings of choice for most of my basses are D'Addario EXL170's 45, 65, 80, 100 & 130 (for the 5's) So I don't envisage problems for the future. Those Superalloys sound interesting though @S.F.Sorrow I may give them a go sometime... Hopefully the dealership will pay for the work done to make it playable... They seem a decent bunch... Just had the word, yes they will! All good 🙂
  4. My luthier tells me that from a quick look, he rekons the intonation isn't too far out & some saddles need to come forward anyway.. he suggests for the E reversing the saddle to give more play.. he thinks it's possible to fix without moving the bridge etc.. but full report on it tomorrow. I have spoken to the dealership.. They are on board with whatever needs to happen, whether that mean return for full refund or any other permutation... There is currently no other stock though. Sorry to the OP for hijacking this thread! I was going to go to PM but then thought what comes of this all is useful information for any who are interested in the Embassy bass.... To be continued!
  5. @S.F.Sorrow Really glad we are having this conversation, thanks mate for your helpl... l've just dropped it with my luthier & explained what I have learnt here. He's going to look it over & give me his opinion... He could do the work if necessary but points out that holes may need to be filled etc so it looks good. I will phone the dealership, Rainbow music Rock Village, Carlisle ASAP.. I suppose there is no reason to believe that any other stock they have is not from the same duff batch.... How does yours look, since being fixed? Any chance of a photo? Thanks again for your help
  6. @S.F.Sorrow: That's really interesting... I bought an embassy pro recently, as mentioned in a previous post. Straight out of the box, it doesn't play too bad, intonation needs a little attention but it's not way out. I'm taking it to my trusted luthier tomorrow for a proper set up... Just discovered that it was manufactured at the Qingdao Plant, China on November, 2018 I hope that's not red flag territory!... Reckon I would have noticed if it was really bad though 🤔 it seems pretty playable... .. although, the bridge saddles are about as far back as they can be.. which is a little alarming! See what tomorrow brings.....
  7. Reviving this thread, as I'm curious which one you chose? I recently bought the Embassy Pro & I'm surprised at how playable it is.. long scale that feels short, easy neck, cool vintage look & seemingly, TB kinda pups... at £319... Can't grumble at all!.🙂
  8. That looks like a life support system! Has it got the machine that goes'bing'?
  9. Goes to show.... It matters and it's very personal! ... What works for you with your personal gear.... 🙂 I've always been quite passionate about octave sounds... Prolly ebs octabass does it the most for me... In a live situation, you sometimes have to compromise!... maybe always!? play with it musically whatever you have!
  10. I get it about the Boss OC2... but it was not always easy to control in a live situation... bad acoustics, etc... I used the EBS Octabass for years... & loved it.... but more recently needed something with a smaller footprint... for a tiny, live work board... & to cram as much as needed on it, I looked for a smaller alternative... The Markbass Raw series octaver... got my attention from this video: MarkBass Raw Octaver He's a bit of an android... but get to the sound demos & they are interesting! I bought one... & I'm pretty happy with it on my board... It's always subjective when it comes to sound.... but Worth a look.....
  11. I have used many basses over the years... When I first saw the ATK, I was curious about the somewhat unique design... Eventually I bought one.. & it quickly became my 'go to' bass!.. great pup configuration, well built (proudly made in Indonesia...as it states on the back of the headstock) ... probably my favourite bass for live playing... Anyone else feel the magic of ATK?
  12. Little update... Since posting earlier in this thread about the markbass raw vibe octaver... I ended up buying one.. with a board shake up, I needed a smaller footprint than the ebs octabass I've been using for years... Took a chance on the promo vid on YouTube.. it's way cheaper than the mxr, that I was also considering.. now I have it, I really like it! Nice & simple, easy to find the sweet spot ....does what I need for sure... thoroughly recommend it!
  13. Stripped down on size again for the majority of gigs I do these days... Some slight compromises on sound to have a smaller footprint. Pretty happy with it though... Tuner, envelope filter, compressor, octaver, eq boost, dirt, chorus.
  14. The Mark Bass MB raw series octaver is available very soon from Andertons for £109 free postage! It looks like a great little pedal... 🧐🙂
  15. The Okto Nojs sounds interesting but it's just too big for my small board... i have several other dirt boxes for combo sounds .... Gotta be a smallish footprint octaver for my needs.....
  16. Blimey!.... That was a BIG read! (....and I skipped a few pages! 🤫) Fascinating & very informative, as always .... If you need to explore opinions on bass kit... this is the place! So, throwing my bit in... I've used the EBS Octabass (old blue one) for many years & been very happy with it.. My pedal board is shrinking & it is now the largest one on it! So I've been looking at alternatives with a smaller footprint. The world has moved on!... so much choice.. Thanks to some investigation & mostly this thread!... I have a new short list. 1. MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe Pedal - not really much smaller but I'm impressed. The knobs look good! (Growl, Girth & mid button) 2. MXR M280 Vintage BASS Octave - emulating the OC2, I guess.. nice small footprint but don't really want the 2 oct down 3. COG T16 Analogue Octave - That filter sweep looks interesting for some quirky different sounds 4. EBS OctaBass Studio Edition - slightly smaller footprint than the old blue one & a bit different in the control department 5. Markbass Raw Octaver - nice & simple operation...... I thought I was down to a two horse race... but then I read on! There's been much talk about some of these but any more information/experiences about the Markbass Raw (how much is this?), EBS new version & MXR 280 vintage would be gratefully received. 🙂
  17. Mine's a 2015 model & the only mod is a hip shot d tuner ... Classic sound, really happy with it.
  18. ....for the most part..... I use the smaller rig more often than not 😊... 🤖🍌👻🌚👽
  19. bottomfeed


    Bought an Elf head from Larry recently...smooth & swift with good communication.. wouldn't hesitate to deal with again... 🙂
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