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  1. What is the price drops? I don't see a lower price. What am I missing?
  2. [quote name='AustinArto' timestamp='1464819484' post='3062969'] Usually I leave the tone wide open and use a low-pass filter pedal instead of the tone pot. [/quote] Can I derail a little please? What low-pass filter do you use?
  3. I also bought two sets from eBay, not sure it same seller though. Mine were £29.99 a set. Both were faulty and I got string wear from the frets in a couple of days. The 'G' were almost impossible to intonate, I was never happen with the compromise. I made a return/ refund request and they were set back at sellers request. They're in transit now and I'm promised a full refund the seller has told me of £59.98. He also told me they had had problems with the supply in the past, but with other items, not bass strings, but as a precaution, until my strings are checked against Elixir strings, he has removed all his bass strings from sale on eBay. EDIT: I'd Emailed Elixir first about the strings, and they recommended I contacted the eBay retailer. Never had a problem like this, and it takes 6 months of hard playing to get fret wear on the string, on my basses. Used these stings for almost as long as they've been out.
  4. Is this £370 or £500. I see an edit yesterday, so was it reduced?
  5. OK thanks guys. Looks like it could be the GT6, shading from lights don't help, but it has a slight 'red' tinge I guess
  6. Yeah it could be the GT100. Thanks Maybe he used it for something simple like a little compression, or an FX on some other track, on the way into the Hartke Combo. EDIT: Here: http://www.victorwooten.com/gear.html says he uses a Boss GT6B, but that's red in colour.
  7. Does anyone know the multi FX Vic is using in this video please? [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0pJ6PBx3oE[/media]
  8. Sold David a pedal. Real pleasure to deal with. I've no problems in recommending him to deal with.
  9. For sale a set of one week old La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass Strings. Cut to fit 34" scale bass but with plenty of winding, Two per side tuners. I put them on my Acoustic bass, and never got on with them. So bought a set of bronze strings again to replace them, so they've hardly been used. £30 Posted. Cost me £40 a week ago. Grab a bargain.
  10. It's on hold at the moment, awaiting payment.
  11. Bank Holiday bump for the MXR preamp / D.I.
  12. Another sold just the MXR preamp / DI left
  13. Just these two left BUMP. MXR Bass preamp £100 POSTED [url="http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/bass-preamp"][u]http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/bass-preamp[/u][/url] [url="http://postimg.org/image/w90494ktt/"][/url] DigiTech Bass Driver £20 POSTED [url="http://digitech.com/en-US/products/bass-driver"][u]http://digitech.com/en-US/products/bass-driver[/u][/url] [url="http://postimg.org/image/pu13cge41/"][/url]
  14. Another sold, just the [b]DigiTech Bass Driver[/b] and the [b]MXR Bass preamp [/b]left now.
  15. For sale a brand new, unopened set of DR Fat Beams strings 45 - 105 gauge. £20 posted to UK Mainland. [url="http://www.drstrings.com/#!fat-beams/c1k2b"]http://www.drstrings...fat-beams/c1k2b[/url]
  16. Sold Dan a pedalboard. Sweet easy transaction. Deal with confidence guys.
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