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  3. Excellent condition 2014 Gibson Midtown Signature Bass. Finished in Bullion Gold and featuring a chambered mahogany body with maple top, Grover tuners, 3-point adjustable bridge, vintage style T-Bird mini and plus pickups, 34" scale, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Hardly used and comes complete with original Gibson hardshell case. Purchased recently on here from Isabass for £730 and would like to get that back so price is firm and I'm not interested in any trades. Hopefully she won't mind me using her pics Fantastic and very cool bass, only selling because band it was intended for has folded. Can't really do collection due to work commitments, so happy to include UK shipping in with the price. Give me a shout for overseas and I'll see what I can do. Any questions, PM me. Cheers [attachment=233568:midtownsig1.jpg] [attachment=233569:midtownsig2.jpg] [attachment=233570:midtownsig3.jpg] [attachment=233571:midtownsig4.jpg] [attachment=233572:midtownsig5.jpg]
  4. Bought a bass from Isabass which was as described and shipped securely. Also prompt responses to messages, recommended seller
  5. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1469876170' post='3101659'] My thoughts on this bass is that it's classic Fender QC once again, a few absolute diamonds likely the equal of some Pre-CSB instruments (and it sounds like a few folks on here have been lucky enough to get such examples), a few absolute dogs equivalent to the worst of the late '70s (which mine was, heavy, lacking in resonance, misaligned and faulty), and the vast majority sitting between those extremes, many of which are no doubt very playable and decent instruments. What I should have mentioned in my post was that after the PUP stopped working I took off the control plate to have a look. I did so VERY carefully. I've never seen such poor soldering, I'm not great at it but even my solder joints look infinitely more tidy and functional than did those in my bass. Guess what, while I had the circuit out, ANOTHER WIRE DROPPED OFF A POT, JUST DROPPED OFF!!! It was shocking and explained entirely why the front PUP had stopped working in the first place. Two wires off pots in less than 20 minutes from new! I dread to think what else was going to happen had I kept it I doubt I'll ever buy another new Fender. The lack of respect they must have for their customers to let such instruments through QC is quite incredible. [/quote] Weird. Mine is absolutely spotless.
  6. Gigged mine for the first time last night and loved it! It did need some work and a set up but plays like butter now. I've got a CS 59 relic which weighs not far off a pound lighter and I honestly can't feel the difference on a decent strap. Leads me to think the weight obsession we can sometimes have with guitars is overrated. Not that the flea is a heavy bass at 9lb of course.
  7. Mine was a bit buzzy and the fret ends were quite sharp, so it went back and Fender have done a reasonable job sorting the frets out (although I might get my local luthier to look at them as it's still not perfect). Could've been effected in transit by the recent heat we've had, but tbf these things come from Mexico! Also it weighed in at 9lb which I was a bit disappointed with bearing in mind the weight of others, but it actually feels great on a strap, really solid and no neck dive. Despite these little issues, I really can't stop playing and loving it!
  8. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1469022190' post='3095147'] Strange to see how the wear is so similar! On Maldy's pics, the rear picture shows a missing piece of finish on its own, with a 'smile' of darker colour underneath it. That is identical to mine. WEIRD. [/quote] The wear on roadworns is always the same pattern (specific to that model of course) unlike custom shop relics which are more random and individual. Whether or not all roadworns of the same model are absolutely identical (is that even possible?), I don't know, but they're all very very similar.
  9. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1467987068' post='3087862'] Weight wise, it's light for a Jazz. I only ever worry about weight if I pick a bass up and think 'oh, that is weighty'....that definitely didn't happen with this. [/quote] Yeah same here really. MIM standards always seem to be heavy to me, but I had a RW P a few years back and it was fine. Anything under 9lb is alright by me
  10. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1467976244' post='3087717'] Ta da... [/quote] Looks ace! Expecting mine at the end of the month, can't wait! Just hope it's not too heavy.
  11. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1467016486' post='3080377'] I don't really get signatures like this. As stated, the MM pickup would make more sense for a Flea signature.... but hey, what do I know? [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60-61-Jazz-Bass-STACK-KNOB-Control-Plate-Concentric-CTS-Pots-Repro-Caps-/191826768729"]http://www.ebay.co.u...s-/191826768729[/url] [/quote] You have a point, but look at the reason most people on here are wanting this bass...it's not because of Flea or because it offers something unusual, it's because it's a combination of classic Fender and Jazz bass features. It might seem a mundane marketing plan, but Fender don't stray too far from the norm very often because the norm is what most people want and have wanted since they came up with these designs in the 50's and 60's. And long may it continue IMHO
  12. Just bought a strat from Hutton. He did me a bit of a deal on the price, was prepared to wait a couple of days for the payment, friendly communication, and the guitar's great and was securely packaged and sent. Recommended seller
  13. Mikkel bought a bass from me, honest and straightforward negotiation, paid quickly from Denmark with no exchange rate anomalies! Trustworthy buyer and genuine nice guy, thanks Mikkel!
  14. Jazzes. Love the sound, the necks and the look, just always feel weird on a strap. I think maybe the offset body shape just makes them feel massive. Always end up back on a precision.
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