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  1. I'd say you're better off with a Squier. The Epi Tobias basses are pretty crap. They shouldn't be allowed to use the name Tobias on them, it's a travesty.
  2. [quote name='thepurpleblob' timestamp='1491307209' post='3271965'] Chatting to someone? I don't think I have the right personality for this [/quote] I'm the same. I started playing solo guitar stuff so I wouldn't have to bother with a band & then I started getting hassled by people at open mics to let me play with them. Can't bloody win.
  3. How can it be "in unmarked condition with light player wear"? It's either unmarked or it has light player wear, it can't be both. If it was carbon fibre or finished in a nice bright colour or something I think it would look pretty good. What I never understand is when luthiers make something unconventional/modern looking & then build it with woods that makes it look like a Victorian roll top desk.
  4. [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1491307269' post='3271966'] Mrs Zero and I played at an old people's home last Christmas as an acoustic duo. The inmates are getting closer to our age. John Denver, Elvis, and Metallica all went down well. [/quote] Now that's a varied setlist!
  5. I've got a stand that I've had for donkeys years made by a US firm called "On Stage". Just measured the neck part & it's 7.5cm at it's widest so it should hold your bass with no problems. Really well made & solid too.
  6. I paid £200 each for my secondhand Rickenbacker 4001's in 1980/81, one of them was a checkerbound/horseshoe/toaster pickup model. In the mid 80s I nearly bought a mint condition used Wal twin neck with case in a music shop in Birmingham for £399. That's what the prices were back then, comparing them to what the same things sell for now is just masochistic.
  7. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1490769291' post='3267720'] My wife hates Jazz. The last time she came to a gig was about three years ago when I played with Jason Rebello. [/quote] You've played with Jason Rebello? Respect to you! Saw him the other week in Cardiff, superb musician.
  8. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1491226968' post='3271335'] Based on the responses I reckon you could get with using either effect on either song! [/quote] Pretty much, yeah!
  9. [quote name='mikel' timestamp='1491162971' post='3270965'] Road worn, without the worn? [/quote] I believe the term is "Closet Classic"...
  10. That's a classy looking rig.
  11. [quote name='bassman7755' timestamp='1490996119' post='3269803'] Sounds like a flanger to me. [/quote] I always thought that "Waiting for an alibi" is a flanger & "Dancing in the moonlight" is a phaser.
  12. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1491081641' post='3270428'] Maybe it was a bad pic, bad video or Eric was having a bad day. Blue [/quote] He was in a wheelchair.
  13. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1491052527' post='3270186'] another 15 years all the care homes will be stuffed full of old Punks, I'll have a whole new career [/quote] That's a very good point!
  14. Care homes are always looking for people to play Vera Lynn songs & that sort of stuff for the inmates, that's always an option. You can check out the accommodation for future reference while you are there, maybe put your name on the waiting list...
  15. [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1491049406' post='3270156'] Who said he wasn't looking frail? [/quote] Nobody, you just seem to be surprised that he looks frail. He's an old man.
  16. [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1491042376' post='3270042'] Eric Clapton is not looking to well. Nothing to do with the thread as such, but when I see people like him looking frail, I realise you gotta pack as much in too your life as you can [/quote] Clapton is a 71 year old ex alcoholic, ex smackhead, ex heavy smoker - why wouldn't he look frail? Some people might get to their 70s & be lucky enough to be in relatively good health & still able to do stuff they want to do but that doesn't mean they're not old.
  17. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1491030765' post='3269913'] Yes, I too feel some envy for folk who are honestly happy with a single bass. What we don't know, of course, is if those lucky guys are active bassist or if they play simple lines in a band once a week, and never touch it from one week to the next. [/quote] Or maybe just can't afford more than one bass.
  18. [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1491043652' post='3270065'] Magnesium supplements may help. [/quote] I was going to suggest this too.
  19. RhysP

    G&L Kiloton

    [quote name='Pinball' timestamp='1491029830' post='3269908'] G&L are now producing an amazing array of basses. The only gap I can see is the 5 string SB/P bass ASAT's , L series, M series, The MJ's, JB's, LB, Kiliton and SB's Loks like they have most "basses" covered http://www.glguitars.com/instruments/USA/basses/index.asp [/quote] If I was in the market for a new bass, and given my experiences with Musicman stuff, I would almost definitely go for a G&L of some sort. Still hate that stupid pointy bit on the headstock though.
  20. Why not? Gives you a bit of credibility before you've played a note.
  21. If it makes you feel any better I completely agreed with you...
  22. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1490966285' post='3269465'] [/quote] Yes, I suppose crack is always an option.
  23. I love 20/20 Sound but I feel it's let down by the vocals, which are pretty weak in my opinion.
  24. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1490964219' post='3269435'] I felt the same when I lived in Wales... [/quote] By that I meant that I don't feel that there's anything I want or need to do in the time I've got left. If I died tomorrow my last thoughts wouldn't be of all the things I'll never be able to do. There's nothing I want to do, I'm happy sitting on my arse doing nothing. I do agree with you though, Wales is pretty sh*t.
  25. [quote name='thepurpleblob' timestamp='1490949089' post='3269246'] The last thing I want to do is veg in front of the TV. [/quote] A few years ago I would have said the same thing. These days, however, I'm happy to veg in front of the TV to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. I feel a lot better in myself too since I stopped forcing myself to do stuff just for the sake of doing something.
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