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  1. There's a rectangular bit on the top of the Jeff Berlin combo that looks like it might be meant to come off, does anybody know what it's for? I've looked on the MarkBass website but there's no mention of it.
  2. Yeah, the J pickup definitely needs to be a lot closer to the strings than the P in my experience.
  3. I've never liked the sound of the PJ configuration on any basses I've played that have had it. Always sounds like less than the sum of its parts to me.
  4. If the issue is just the jack being loose when plugged into the socket then just bend the bit the jack plug connects to in a bit so that it holds the plug more firmly..
  5. I've replaced knackered vinyl with the CDs of the same albums, but I've never been one for buying all the re-re-re-releases that get brought out. I've bought a couple of things that have had extra tracks, demo versions etc. on them & I never found them to be worth listening to. There was a reason these songs & out-takes were left off the original albums in the first place... 🙂 I have absolutely no interest in all these surround sound versions of old albums that seem to be very popular now either, I'm perfectly happy listening to an album as the artist originally intended it to be heard.
  6. Nobody has posted anything on this thread for a long time so here's the Jeff Berlin combo I bought yesterday... 🙂
  7. I've never stopped listening to vinyl and I still occasionally buy new stuff on vinyl, though the prices are pretty steep. I'm unusual in that I don't use any kind of streaming service, I just don't have any interest in it. I like the "clutter" of my vinyl albums & CDs, they make me happy. 🙂
  8. The main "issue" with these is that they weigh a ton. Not a fan of Trace stuff (used a Trace rig in the late 80s/early 90s & never really liked it, plus it crapped out on me at the most important gig we ever did). Having said all that you probably won't get a better bass combo for that price, especially if you can knock the price down a bit.
  9. I've been enjoying playing the Bacchus I bought on here recently, so decided it was time to get an amp. I really don't need anything of this size/power, but I've had Markbass stuff before & really liked it & this was just too much of a bargain to turn down. It's a made in Italy one, in excellent condition & it's bloody lovely.
  10. The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Ambrose and His Orchestra
  11. This was my dream amp when I was a teenager! Shame you're so far away from me.
  12. I said Old New Stock, meaning a new bass that looks like it's old. I was attempting to make a joke.
  13. So is a heavily reliced bass classed as Old New Stock?
  14. The NOS finish is applied by a really old person.
  15. It means "A fool & his money are soon parted"...
  16. Give Paul McCartney a shout - he's got a piece of ivory this would go really nicely with.
  17. What's a New Old Stock finish? Do they just put it in a dusty case?
  18. And I'm getting stressed out about picking an amp up from Bridgend this afternoon... 😂
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