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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply, issue is no output basically but before I shell out for a new one I need to be sure this one's dead and it's not some spurious other fault. The neck pickup shows 7.0 on the ohms and the bridge is bouncing about between 110 and 69 constantly. Sounds bust to me?
  2. Morning folks, I'm having some issues with a jazz pickup and need a definitive way to test it electrically. I have a digital ohm meter and not much ability, so can anyone say what reading I should get across the pickup wires that would tell me whether there is continuity or not? Also I've searched about earthing the bridge. I see that mine just has the wire stripped back and laid under the bridge where it meets the body and relies on the bridge being screwed down? At the moment I don't know whether I have an earth issue or a fu.. broken pickup. Any help would be very much appreciated as it's driving me potty! Thanks, Tom.
  3. Thanks all for the help and advice, I'm following up on it and I'll post again when I get a solution.
  4. Wow! thanks for the multitude of replies, this forum rockz I have loads of excu err reasons why I can't do exercises so I'll have to look out for a light bass or swaps with cash either way. Hohner B2a sounds interesting, never seen one so I'll go and have mooch....
  5. Hi, I'm getting on a bit and am having backache problems after playing, my main bass is a Musicman stingray, I also have a USA Precision + a mex jazz. These are all pretty heavy but sound just great for me. It's looking as though I'll have to sell these, or some of them in favour of something lightweight so am I alone with this or does someone else have this problem too? Looking for suggestions on makes and models really, (I have bought a Danelectro 63 and it's very light but the sound leaves me a bit cold) Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Hiya, I want to do a setup on my Danelectro 63 long scale bass and realise that the neck has to come off to adjust the truss rod. (I have done setups before with some success) Can anyone offer some pointers on these please? Thanks.
  7. So it's not just me then, I have so much to learn. Thanks for the help re-testing David, I'll have a go. When I get a few hours spare I'm going to read as many of the topics a possible as they are a mine of information. ^_^
  8. Wow, thanks for all the replies and help. I am not very technical as I've only been playing a few months. I am learning fast though Our band had a rehearsal last night and playing through a 100w kustom combo it was a lot better. I'm going to take it apart myself and have a look at what's been done re-the issues discussed above. Re using an ohm meter, I have one but not sure how to use it on the pickups? I'll report back when I get a look at it. Thanks again! great forums.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, we set them to a similar height to the originals then played about a bit. The bridge pickup seems very weak. I don't suppose the fact that the bass is not an active one makes a difference does it? I've spent a lump of money on these and they aren't very useable without a big amp. I didn't think 'noiseless' meant no output
  10. Morning all, hope you are well I have a tech query regarding my mex jazz bass. My friend has fitted a pair of Fender Samarium cobalt noiseless pickups to it, also some better pots. The result is that played through my 35 watt Kustom bass practice combo, even flat out the volume is less than half of the original pickups. Played through a 450 watt Marshall combo I have in my shop it's much better. There is also a 60 marshall combo here as well and it's very poor through that too. Is it the case that these pickups need driving a lot harder to work? I wouldn't have thought so? Can they be fitted wrong? It's only two wires and my friend although a guitar person is quite skilled. I would be grateful for any help or advice please. Thanks. Tom.
  11. Hi and thanks for the welcome. good to see I'm not the only senior person I will have a look at the tutors bit shortly. Just gonna trawl through posts and have a good read :thumbsup:
  12. Hi all, I'm Tom, 62 years old, played 12 string almost exclusively since the 60's until last november when our bass player left to have twins, (or rather his wife did). My good lady also plays guitar so I had to learn bass very quickly to stand in. We play in a Methodist church band and before you groan it's quite trendy with keyboards, drums, 2 guitars and bass with some great voices. I say "had to learn" loosely because I have arrived at the heady level of beginner already I can do a few runs and manage to hit the right notes at the right time. Have to say I'm lovin' it! I thought bass would be boring as hell but I've been pleasantly surprised. Obviously my kit isn't anything special but I have as my main tree trunk a Musicman Stingray 4 string in Teal blue, a Fender Jazz Mex in wine with the chrome bits on and I've just sold my MIJ Precision. (Neck too phat for my little hands) Amp wise I have a Marshall 450 watt combo, a 60w Carlsboro combo and a couple of Kustom combo's laid about. I should perhaps mention that I own a guitar shop in sunny Whitby as well as a computer shop so I have a lot of toys to play with I have loads to learn and as I'm still young I'm looking for a good bass teacher in our area. This forum is absolutely great too!! Have a great day y'all
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