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  1. I stand corrected 😊
  2. Ride the Lightning also a great album. No argument from me. Revisiting these albums and feeling a little anti-climatic with it .. I don't know. I think words like groundbreaking are a bit of a cliche but when those albums were first released, at the time, yes, the whole thing was blowing peoples minds, it was such a new sound coming through. I don't even think I have done it justice summing it up in that sentence, to be honest. Personally, I wouldn't say MoP is the undisputed metal album of all time, but all of those early Metallica albums have rightly deserved their top spots in metal history.
  3. Yeah! And we want proof of the single-ness too! I want to see at least three days worth of washing up! 🤣
  4. Two of the greatest thrash masterpieces of the 80's? Okay ... 😂 Now you really yanking my chain, eh?
  5. Seems they spend much time moaning about their awful daughter in laws who have 'stolen' their 'prince' away from them, and how very dare those women who have married their sons then not follow their well meaning but incredibly out of date pushy advice about how it's okay to leave the baby in a pram at the bottom of the garden to cry it out for three hours. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ... 😜
  6. Meh. There's always going to be a place in my heart for Papa Het (who let's face it is going to end checking out on us in a rehab facility at some point in the next two decades). But I cannot stand anything that comes out of the Danish midgets mouth, especially after he did a no-show at Download 2004 which I am still marginally annoyed about...
  7. That's one more time than I could be bothered to sit through it. I never realised what a whiny voice Kirk Hammett has!
  8. Oh god yes 😂 Demographically (and physically too, I suppose) golf is a more older gents hobby than cycling. So perhaps the ladies on Gransnet meet there to discuss their husbands in much the same manner 🤣
  9. Because cycling is quite a popular hobby at the moment and - from what I can gather from the widows of Mumsnet - takes the male out of the house for very long periods during his downtime from paid employment. Which is not very compatible with the Mumsnet demographic of mothers with young children who require the help of their partner for whatever time he is not out at work. There is commonly a large disparity in how much 'off time' from house/children/family responsibilities the father has in comparison to how much the mother has. Hence all the widows threads ... Phew. I think I managed to answer your question diplomatically ...? 😂
  10. I lurk on Mumsnet everyday. Usually cycling is the forbidden hobby!
  11. Ha! I was just going to post this! (I am not a Bon Jovi fan but it popped up on my FB last week). I spent the latter part of the '80's listening to supreme dictator Axl Rose telling us Bon Jovi were a bunch of faggots etc etc.
  12. I've always said this about Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 as well 👍 HOW can Justice and Puppets be considered over rated in any scenario? Seriously??
  13. Hey thanks, I have just checked it out. The bit about not hurting your back and wrists is probably worth a look .. I like to think I'm immortal but I know I'm not!
  14. I would also recommend Mark at Talking Bass because he doesn't waffle at all and his videos are really useful. He has got alot of stuff on his channel for beginners. I believe I was first enticed by his video explaining how to play like Steve Harris (we can all dream ..) The answer to which is extremely lightly. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfStxwji-22A_bvY280UIg
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