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  1. No it’s on adverts.ie https://www.adverts.ie/24081884 I have an sr800 and wouldn’t mind a passive bass too but don’t know if the quail it’s difference would make the Hohner redundant.
  2. Anyone tried or have an opinion on Hohner Arbor series P basses? I know it’s probably Baltic birch ply but I have a Les Paul type guitar from the same series and it seems to hold its own. cheers Pete
  3. Just blown the budget yet again the missis is literally giving out to me as I type.
  4. This is for sale in Tipperary: https://www.adverts.ie/24091557 1985 Bb1000s. Might be of interest to a fellow bass chatter.
  5. I love trading basses and guitars (mostly low end) as I try to build up a studio on a showstring. For the last year some prices seemed high but I’d say it’s levelling off now a bit, there’s still always the bargain ‘quitars’ and the odd deal where the person is not interested in waiting for a good price. If you’re quick you can always jump on those be sure to get your money back if it’s not a keeper. I’d be much more cautious buying high end gear as I don’t know enough about it all and that could be painful. But I’d say the restricted supply of new gear is inflating the prices of some secondhand gear and that could go back the other way.
  6. Thanks Leonard, can’t beat sitting around playing with funk rhythms for an afternoons soul food.
  7. Hello fellow bass chatters. My music isn’t all that good and I’m totally self taught so feel free to bear that in mind. Nonetheless making music is one of my main pleasures in life and who knows maybe someday it won’t all be shite. Wrote this yesterday anyway after a week of Irish staycation: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/2KKqkidj4ZTNPhaZA Cheers Pete
  8. Thanks again. This one is a keeper for sure.
  9. Not affiliated with these guys at all but really enjoying their live streams. A small guitar/bass shop in the states and two guitar nerds answering your questions. they are only a new channel but an old shop. Good viewing really.
  10. Excellent news. Thanks indeed for your help.
  11. As a hobbyist with limited skills and a restrained budget for gear (one in one out) I’m very cautious about this purchase. Any strat experts know if it’s real? Thank you. pete Edit: fix typo.
  12. If you’re buying in Ireland and use the Adverts app all the sellers have reviews. Generally buying electrical equipment from sellers with lots of good reviews is a safe bet. Just ask them a load of questions so they have to explicitly state (in writing) that it powers up, pots are ok etc.
  13. I have an early 90s Mij Ibanez Sr800 that is very light. Has active pickups and preamp though so they might not be your cup if tea.
  14. Maybe some people hear it and others don’t. My missis just throws her eyes up as I adjust the knobs on my bass and expound on the nuanced differences in tone. Says it all sounds the same to her. In saying that I think the electrics are what matter for tone but we all love the instruments that feel good. Different story with an acoustic instrument.
  15. This sounds right to me. Some bodies are very resonant and some necks are, they work together or not, and you can feel when that works and when it doesn’t. Those are the ones I end up keeping anyway.
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