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  1. My Arbour Les Paul weighs a ton and sounds amazing. The specs on a Hohner spreadsheet of models online says it’s laminated Baltic Birch. Pretty chunky boards cross laminated as far as I can tell. The pickups aren’t original someone changed them but it’s sounds amazing and plays nice too. most of my guitars get upgraded sooner rather than later but whenever I think about selling the Arbor I have a go of it and decide it sounds too good. The body doesn’t resonate much when you strum it hard so I think the kinetic energy stays more focused? for context I had a loan of a 90s standard sg for a couple of years when I started playing guitar about five years ago so I have been hands on with a great guitar. Usually the guitars I like most resonate like crazy but not the arbor. so I would agree with the comments here stating it’s the construction. I think people think of chipboard when they hear the word ply. I would imagine chipboard makes a fairly poor guitar or bass. Some instruments have mojo and other don’t. The better the manufacturing process the better the guitar usually I’d say from having obsessively bought and sold 40+ cheap and mid priced guitars in the last five years. I have an Vester strat with an Alder body and it’s so good I’d buy pretty much any Vester I could get my hands on but you don’t see them much in Ireland. There’s a nice minty looking Vester jazz bass on Adverts.ie right now if anyone was after one. The wife would hang me if I bought it in the next few weeks.
  2. Interesting info in the link. Thanks again.
  3. That’s some good info, thanks so much. Going to google all of those terms now.
  4. Getting a bass amp with a 15 inch speaker appeals for sure. Not to the better half though.
  5. Guess I don’t really need a bass amp then as I don’t gig. You read stuff online about the lower frequencies destroying guitar speakers, but not at low volume. And as pointed out all the old bass players were using guitar amps, which was sort of how I figured it. I can use the mid cut on my Sr800 to dial out some of the classic 30 honk, great with a strat or les Paul the honk is.
  6. I sometimes run the fx loop out on the Classic 30 into the fx in on an old 80s solid state I have. I might try that as the classic 30 has pretty saggy tone. Thanks for all the insights.
  7. That’s what’s I figured. Thank you.
  8. Hi. Having been on the lookout for a cheap practice amp for playing bass at home I just had a thought and maybe someone here would have tried something similar. I use a Peavey Classic 30 as my main guitar amp at home, the volume is actually fairly manageable, even in an apartment. The Classic 30 is modded with a 1983 Celestion G12-65 speaker and it sounds unbelievably good. Don’t want to blow my vintage speaker by playing bass through it so could I disconnect that speaker and get a bass cab and run it from the speaker out on the Classic 30? This would save money and space and keep the wife happy. Cheers Pete
  9. Thanks for linking that site, lots of great info/guitar porn.
  10. I'm glad you didn't buy it, couldn't get over with lockdown and was sure someone would outbid me. Bit of a bargain in the end.
  11. D'addario Chromes .40-.95. Can't wait to get them on and record a bit,
  12. Just got some flat rounds for the first time today. They'll be going on tonight. Lighter gauge so might take the weekend for the truss rod to settle I guess. My mate kept saying they're the way to go. Will update on the difference. I can see they will be less squeaky for sure though.
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