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  1. If your band is let’s say ‘The Dublin Blues Wedding Band’ it’s going to be worth having an SEO optimised website at that domain as you will get hits from people searching for ‘blues wedding bands’ anywhere in Ireland.
  2. He’s hilarious too https://youtu.be/hDUIz_BYybE
  3. I second Quicktime if you're on a Mac: https://libguides.rowan.edu/c.php?g=248114&p=4711659 Literally as easy as can be. OBS is more useful overall and pretty simple if you are tech minded, can't beat Quicktime for ease of use.
  4. I have an Ibanez SR800 and that my only bass. I just mess around at home recording so it covers everything really. I had about ten guitars but cut that back to a Hss strat , a backup off brand japanese strat, the Ibanez bass and a Seagull S6 acoustic. That covers nearly every sound I need with the minimum of space in my home studio used. The more I get into the bass the more I want another really.
  5. Thank you. Seems likely so. File that away for later use so. Cheers.
  6. Do you know if the pickups fit without modifying the bass at all? Cheers. Pete
  7. Would second this, I have a couple of guitars with high action (for slide) and they have the clearest harmonics. That, intonation and also my higher quality instruments seem more harmonic in general.
  8. Sadly lacking in a lot of people sometimes, seems to be a dying art too.
  9. Taking offence at what self promoting millionaires have to say is a pretty fruitless errand. Looking at what he's said, banal tripe that's just there to fill airtime or white space.
  10. I entered a competition to win a Joe Bonamassa Epiphone and now he emails me twice a day trying to foist some merch.
  11. What's better than learning bass with your metronome, drinking coffee and watching your toddler get up to mischief? Not much! Thought I'd post a positive post, sure why not.
  12. I used to just make music for me, now it's not 100% crap (only 99%) I try and see what worked (with people) before, to learn from it.
  13. Kind of a cheat but I do a weekly local digital radio show in a terrible room with lots of reflective surfaces. Easy way to fix the environment issues is always have a quiet bed of music under my voice. I duck the music volume about 70% and bobs your uncle. Not applicable in every situation and not a sophisticated fix but it works. It's also handier than putting rugs everywhere, which I do sometimes if needs be.
  14. Godin's are top quality for the money. Yamaha do the APX thinline range, they are popular, can be had cheap secondhand and are nice to play.
  15. I hardly ever hear the lyrics in songs just the notes they are singing seem to be making an impression most of the time (I am very stinky poo at Karaoke, can do a bit of Elvis though). As such, what language they're singing in doesn't make a huge difference.
  16. Ibanez all the way for neck comfort.
  17. I definitely think it's a good topic as the relationship between the dimensions of the neck on a bass or guitar and the shape and size of your hands is what makes a bass a keeper or not most of the time. And I do think that some people come on and dismiss other people's posts on here as 'done to death', 'old news' and so on. I think if that's the way the Basschat goes the forum will loose all the sound heads and end up like all the other forums, full of snarky folks throwing their weight around. That's why this forum is literally the only one I have joined. Jazzguitar.be is seems very civil too... I have 100% held back on making posts on here because of the tendency highlighted above and would say that yes we can think what we want about posts being boring, done before or irrelevant but to take the time to make a post pointing that out is just heading the wrong way. Everyone's free to post a snarky remark, to get snarky about someone making a snarky remark about your snarky remark is both ironic and unaware. I'll get my coat...
  18. My better half suggest "Electric Mullet'.
  19. I had an SR300 which had the same pickups as yours, wasn't happy in a can't put my finger on why sort of way. Sold it and got a 92 Fujigen SR800 for about 50 euro more than I sold the SR300 for. Night and day difference: you can feel more bass in your chest when unplugged, the pups cover so much ground I'm still discovering new tones six months in, it balances like a samurai sword on my knee and the overall feel of quality is in a different league. So in short I'd keep an eye out for a bargain MIJ Ibanez SR, they come up cheap all the time. Edit typo.
  20. This is sort of relevant I guess. I recorded a song recently with three different strats - a one piece maple neck fretboard (vester from 93); an 80s Starfire with a mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard and basswood body. And finally a Highway one Hss with a rosewood board. Used the neck pickup on all and they basically sound exactly the same to the point that I can’t tell which is which in the recording.
  21. Didn’t see the stingray sadly. It’s a funny site. Low-ballers are the norm. The review system is great as with a bit of effort you’re only dealing with sound heads. Makes it all easier.
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